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How to go to the movies in Barcelona for a cheaper price

Written by Paula

Going to the movies is one of the great pleasures of life. Watching a gut-busting comedy or a drama that makes you reach for the tissues can really be a fantastic experience to be enjoyed with others or by yourself. Unfortunately, going to the movies in Barcelona is not exactly cheap. To be able to make the most of your movie-going experience in Barcelona and to also save a few euro, keep reading our article on how to go to the movies for a cheaper price.

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Sign up for movie theater cards

Photo via Pexels

The first tip we have to help you save money when going to the movies in Barcelona is to sign up for the movie theater’s card. Most movie theaters or movie theater chains have a fidelity card that allows their clients to see movies for a much cheaper price than the one paid by non-card holders. Most of these cards will also allow you to collect points which you can then use in exchange for popcorn, drinks, or even a ticket. Another benefit of signing up for a movie theater’s card is that you will start receiving e-mails with special offers and letting you know of exclusive events and competitions you can take part of.

Track each movie theater’s spectator day

Each movie theater has a spectator day, a day in which they offer tickets at reduced prices. These tend to be days in the beginning or middle of the week when movie theater attendance is usually at a low. If you are planning to see movies in their original language, you will be limited to a handful of movie theaters in Barcelona. Here are the spectator days for the most popular ones:

Yelmo Icária: Wednesdays

Cine Verdi: Mondays

Renoir Floridablanca: Mondays

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Go to alternative movie theaters

Photo via Pexels

Another way to save money when going to the movieis to go to alternative movie theaters. These don’t usually show the most recent movies but they do offer a good movie-gong experience at affordable prices. The best example of this the Filmoteca de Catalunya. The Filmoteca de Catalunya sell tickets for 4€ each, also giving you the opportunity to buy a 10 pack for 20€, which will allow you to see each movie for only 2€.

Now that you know how to find cheaper movie tickets, keep an eye out for the latest movies to hit the big screen or the old classics that come back once in a while.

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