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V.O. Cinemas in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

Barcelona has several V.O. cinemas, and V.O. stands for “versión original” in Spanish. Movies are purer and capture more of the essence when watched in its original version. You will be able to see the movie the way the director wanted to capture the story. There are people who don’t (fully) understand a movie if it is not in its original version, and therefore they only see films in that format.

And although Spain has some of the best dubbing actors in the world, and there is nothing wrong with the quality of the sound after dubbing, passionate movie-goers swear by its original version. It is just incomparable…

So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about some of the best V.O. cinemas in Barcelona. Enjoy watching an original movie, without having to deal with language replacement.

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See V.O. movies in the Catalan capital

Interesting facts about dubbing in Spain

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The first dubbing of a film in Spain took place shortly after the invention of sound movies, but at that time, dubbing was more complex than it is today because professionals had to memorize several pages of dialogues. They then had to replace sentences at the movement of the actors’ lips, which resulted in lots of rehearsals.

Dubbing prospered during the dictatorship due to the “Ley de la Defensa del Idioma” (the law on the protection of language), which not only meant the maxim protection of the national language but also censoring and altering dialogues for political or moral reasons.

Countries like Italy, France, and Germany also used dubbing techniques.

Another interesting dubbing fact is related to the Spanish-speaking market, and it has to do with cartoons and series being dubbed in the seventies and eighties. It was called “neutral Spanish” and intended to be a universal Spanish. Dubbing was done in studios located in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Balmes Multicines V.O.

Balmes Multicines V.O. is a new and modern cinema complex with 12 auditoriums that projects premiere movies in their original version.

This cinema also has 3D digital projection equipment. Balmes Multicines is actually the only V.O. cinema in Barcelona with Dolby Atmos sound, and this is the best sound technology for listening to surround sound movies.

Balmes Multicines is located in the neighbourhood of Putxet. It is open every day of the year, so there is no need to wait for the weekend to go and enjoy a good movie.

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Yelmo Cines Barcelona

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Yelmo Cines projects a large variety of films in its original version, both premiere movies, classics, and independent films. In addition to watching a movie, you can also see shows, opera, ballet, musicals, documentaries and animation movies here.

You will find there is something for everyone to enjoy at Yelmo Cines. The cinema is located in the neighbourhood of Vila Olímpica in Barcelona.

Verdi Cinemas Barcelona

Barcelona’s Cines Verdi can be found in the popular neighbourhood of Vila de Gracia in Barcelona. They were one of the pioneers in showing V.O. movies in Barcelona.

The programme is full of premiere movies, cult films, documentaries, European movies and some of the best independent productions.

The complex has 5 large auditoriums, and the largest one has a capacity of 315 seats, a 12x5m movie screen and a Dolby CP 750 SURROUND-EX (7.1) sound system. Nothing but the best of cinema technology will make going to the movies here an unforgettable experience.

Is there  another V.O. cinema in Barcelona you can recommend?

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