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El Molino Cabaret Show in Barcelona

El Molino Cabaret Show in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city of arts, where you can find different types of shows by new and established artists. Visitors can watch national and foreign plays at one of the various theatres in town, go to a fabulous opera at Gran Teatre del Liceu, enjoy a concert at Palau de la Música Catalana, or choose a different and exciting activity like watching a cabaret show at El Molino Barcelona.

El Molino Barcelona’s history

burlesque cabaret el molino barcelonaEl Molino Barcelona’s history starts in 1899, when a visitor from Andalucia acquired a bar by the name of “La Pajarera Catalana”. A theatre aficionado, the new owner renovated the building, turning it into a show house which was inaugurated in 1910 with the name “Petit Moulin Rouge”.

After being purchased by someone new, the establishment changed its name to “Gran Salón del Siglo XX”, a place where visitors could watch live shows and movies.

In 1939, dictator Francisco Franco ordered the name to be “castillianized” and that the word “red” be removed from it, which is how the establishment gained its current name “El Molino”.

El Molino was later purchased by Ociopuro, a company that not only renovated the building but also the house’s programming, offering cabaret shows.

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Today, El Molino is the most famous cabaret house in Barcelona, offering risqué shows performed by some of the best artists of the cabaret genre.

Since 2010, El Molino has been organizing the Festival Burlesque Internacional, an erotic event dedicated to the art of burlesque. This festival one of the most import events of its kind in all of Europe, receiving famous artists like Catherin D’Lish, Chrys Columbine, Miss Banbury Cross and Jesse Love.

burlesque cabaret el molino barcelonaFor those who are not familiar with this style of art, Burlesque is a form of entertainment that usually includes striptease. The female artists move to the sound of old-fashioned songs, while removing items from their elaborate costumes, transporting spectators to the glamorous time of pin-ups. A burlesque artist will often use a variety of shiny and lacy accessories, satin gloves and feathers.

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Cabaret Show in El Molino

If you would like to pay a visit to El Molino to watch a cabaret Show during your visit to Barcelona, visit El Molino’s Bilboard page to learn more about the current programming and ticket prices.

El Molino Barcelona also offers Burlesque classes for beginners, which consist of weekly lessons, masterclasses, and one live performance during the closing ceremony of the show.

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