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Celebrities from Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona is where some of the world’s most famous celebrities are from. From football players to singers and actors, Barcelona boasts an impressive list of successful natives who are known around the globe for their various talents. Here is just a sampling of this impressive city’s most notable citizens.

Gerard Piqué

Photo by Marc Surià via Visual hunt

Born and raised in Barcelona, Gerard Piqué is one of FC Barcelona’s most famous soccer players. After playing for Manchester United for a few seasons, Piqué returned to Barcelona in 2008 and has been playing centre-back ever since for Barça. He was destined to stay and play in Barcelona as his grandfather, Amado Bernabeu, used to be the vice president of FC Barcelona. He currently lives with his wife, singer Shakira, and their children and continues to be a fan favorite.

José Carreras

One of Barcelona’s best-known opera singers, José Carreras, has been performing since he was a child, studying and later performing at Barcelona’s famed Liceu Opera House. Carreras has performed over 60 roles in various operas, especially in those by Verdi. This famous singer is not only known for his amazing artistic abilities but also for his humanitarian work, as he founded the José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation, located in Barcelona. He continues to perform in Barcelona and record music with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Pep Guardiola

Photo by Hubert Burda Media via VisualHunt

Pep Guardiola is from Santpedor, a village located just outside of Barcelona. One of FC Barcelona’s most talented players during the 1990’s, he served as the captain for several seasons. He played for Barça during 17 seasons until he left to play for other teams in Italy. Guardiola retired from playing in 2006 and later returned to Barcelona to serve as the team’s manager from 2007-2012. He currently lives in Manchester and is the manager of Manchester City.

Daniel Brühl

Even though he is one of Germany’s most famous actors, Daniel Brühl was born in Barcelona in 1978. Not long after he was born, his family moved to Germany where he began acting on a German soap opera at a young age. Due to his Catalan mother, he speaks fluent Spanish and Catalan. He is also known internationally, as he has appeared in films such as The Bourne Ultimatum and Inglorious Basterds. Brühl has won many awards and has been nominated for a Goya award in Spain.

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José Manuel Serrat

Photo by Casa de América via Visual Hunt

A native of Poble Sec, José Manuel Serrat is highly regarded as one of the most important influences in Spanish and Catalan pop music. This famous singer got started as a teenager in the 1960’s, as part of a pop band and later going on to perform in Barcelona’s famed Palau de la Musica Catalana. During this time, he became an important figure in Catalonia because he chose to sing in Catalan and not Spanish, which at the time was risky due to Franco’s government. During his career, he has written many songs about life in Catalonia and was eventually exiled because of his opposition to Franco.  He returned to Spain in 1975, after Franco’s death. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he continues to make music.

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