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Antoni Gaudi made history

Written by James

Barcelona is well known for its beautiful architecture and symbolic historic buildings. If you are looking for more than a building to view you will find apartments to rent in Barcelona that will fit in with your need to spend time in beautiful significant places.

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The father of modern architecture still has a great influence on design today and it is evident in Barcelona real estate even today.

Antoni Gaudi

gaudiAntoni Gaudi was born in 1852 in Reus Spain. He is known as one of the fathers of modernist architecture and is well known for some of the Barcelona apartments and castles he built. Gaudi used nature, religion and architecture to influence his designs, and he used an array of different construction media like; carpentry, ceramics, stained glass and wrought iron forging in his design pieces. His works became popular to both architects and tourists alike. 7 of Gaudi’s buildings were named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Guell Palace

The Guell palace was one of the first masterpieces constructed by Antoni Gaudi. An extremely rich industrial family named Guell commissioned the building in 1888. The building shows one of the first signs of Gaudi’s later obsession with art Nouveau.

Casa Batlló

This is one of Gaudi’s well known masterpieces. The locals refer to it as the house of bones, because of its skeletal look. Casa Batlló is one of the Gaudi structures that is listed as a World heritage site.

Sagrada Família

gaudiThe Sagrada Família is one of Gaudi’s most famous pieces. The work on this majestic Roman Catholic Church started in 1882 and is still going today. In the early times the Sagrada family provided the funding for the construction, but today it is being built on donations by common people. The church was proclaimed a minor Basilica in 2010.

In the original Gaudi plans the church would have had three facades, seven isles and 18 towers. Sadly the plans had to be changed; there are only two facades now of which only one was completed by Gaudi before his death.

It is said that the church will completed somewhere in the 21st century and would ultimately be the face of religion in Barcelona.

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