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Meditation classes in Sant Andreu

Written by Christine

In today’s busy world, many people look for ways to relax: a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate, watching reality TV for a bit. If you’re looking for a healthier and more productive way to clear your mind then you should try meditation. Through meditating you can achieve a clearer state of mind, a sense of peace, and a higher awareness of yourself and your needs. Meditation has been shown to help improve health by lowering stress and blood pressure, in addition to helping you improve concentration and sleep quality. Many practitioners also claim that meditation helps them to maintain a healthy mindset for other physical activities, like yoga. Here you will find some places where you can learn how to use meditation as a tool to balance your mind and your body.

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Psico Salut Sant Andreu

Photo by: VisualHunt

Photo via VisualHunt

Psico Salut Sant Andreu is located in the heart of the district, on Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu. This is a great area to rent long-term if you are looking for a lively, yet less touristy neighborhood in Barcelona. This is a center that is dedicated to improving and maintaining a healthy state of mind through different therapeutic techniques, both Eastern and Western. Every Wednesday at 8 PM you can attend the meditation and mindfulness workshop which will guide you through a series of techniques to relax the body and mind. The cost is €10 per workshop or €30 per month if you plan on attending every Wednesday. During the class you will be guided to a state of peace, including doing some yoga poses. Psico Salut also offers Reiki therapy sessions and natural therapy. Call or email to reserve your spot in the next workshop.

Centre Homeopàtic Sant Andreu

The Centre Homeopàtic Sant Andreu is a center that focuses on natural medicine and treatments for everyday problems. The center has a meditation group for women that meets monthly for guided meditation that focuses on feminine energy and spirituality. This meditation uses the “Benedición de Útero” to unite all the women in a circle and focus their energy and thoughts on the same thing at the same time. The goal of this meditation is to unite all of the women present to feel the power of femininity and channel it into positive energy. This could be a great group for you to join if you are looking to get in tune with your feminine side!

Where: Socrates 11, local 4, 08030 Barcelona

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Pura Conciencia del Ser

Photo by: Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Led by meditation master Carmen Piña, Pura Conciencia del Ser offers meditation classes on Monday afternoons from 7 to 8 PM. As this center offers different activities in addition to meditation, such as mindfulness, the different activities are held in various locations. On Mondays, you can meet with Carmen at studio Namasté, near the Maragall Metro stop (Line 5). ShBarcelona has many rentals available in this area if you’re looking to buy or rent in Sant Andreu. To learn more information about meditation classes through Pura Conciencia del Ser, check out their website or contact by phone.

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