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Peaceful Terraces in Barcelona to Enjoy a Drink

Written by Laura

In Barcelona we love terraces, and when it’s nice outside (a common occurrence in Barcelona) we like to have a drink out on the terrace attached to the building. The breeze, the people passing by, the pleasant warmth from the sun… having something to drink on a beautiful terrace is one of life’s simple pleasures. You don’t need to be accompanied by anyone – you can take advantage of the time alone to read the book you’ve been meaning to get to while enjoying an iced drink or a coffee on a Barcelona terrace. Today at ShBarcelona, we’ve taken a hands-on approach and found you calming and pleasant terraces that you may not know about, where you can have a moment to yourself or relax with someone special.

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Balconies in Barcelona for relaxing

Photo via Pixabay

The first terrace we suggest is located in a beautiful plaza with a small children’s park in the Raval neighborhood. This plaza looks like it was taken straight out of a pueblo, and the terrace at Kasparo, a bar in the plaza, enjoys areas of sun as well as shade, so you can choose what suits you best according to the season and temperature. The terrace is definitely the main attraction of this bar, located in a totally pedestrian area without noise from cars or other stores that attract lots of people. The bar also offers an excellent café, a grand selection of teas and infusions, great beer, excellent tapas and a wide array of homemade pastries. A great place for a memorable and tranquil time out.

Another delicious option, referring not only to its dishes but also its atmosphere, is the restaurant Belvedere. This spot is small and cozy, with excellent service and a balcony with an indoor patio full of plants and decor. As in many restaurants, the space where you dine is tremendously important, and finding tranquil, nice and quality restaurants is often not as easy as it seems. When it comes to food, Belvedere offers an elaborate and tasty menu, and GOZA from excellent critics. You can also make vermouth on their terrace, but keep in mind that there aren’t too many tables, so spaces are pretty highly sought-after.

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Photo via Pixabay

Another hidden spot with a terrace on their indoor patio, for those who want to escape the constant traffic of the Ciudad Condal, can be found in the Zona Alta of the Catalan capital. In the Sarrià neighborhood, right at Calle Major de Sarrià 134, we find a restaurant with an excellent kitchen and a beautiful garden terrace, where you can enjoy marvelous views. Jordi Vilà is the chef behind the masterpiece that is Vivanda, an excellent example of good food in an excellent environment that isn’t offered at unattainable prices. This is a recognized terrace you can enjoy during any time of the year.

Do you know of another nice terrace in the Ciudad Condal? Leave us your recommendations in the comments!

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