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Martial arts classes in Gràcia

Written by Diana

The origin of martial arts is uncertain, but some sources point to India, with Bodhidharma (an Indian monk) teaching yoga and defense techniques to Chinese monks who then changed it for combat purposes. It is believed that that is how kung fu was born, spreading all over Asia. Each region perfected its own self-defense technique and created new styles. Nowadays, there are many techniques, but the most traditional ones stand for the same goal: to make people reach their true potential through a pacifist and non-violent path.

If you are interested in martial arts, here are some of the venues where you can go to find them in Gràcia.

Dojo Mutokukan

Photo via Pixabay.

Photo via Pixabay.

This school is has a mix Japanese and Fight Club (1999) environment. It is easy to have that “secret club” feeling once you are there. Tradition and respect for the arts are very important values at this dojo. They offer Aikido, Budo Taijutsu, Iaido, Judo and Karate classes.

Where: Carrer de Balcells, 40.

Artes Marciales Pro

From Japanese to Brazilian, from traditional to modern, the list of martial arts and combat techniques you can learn at this place is wide. Aikido, capoeira, full contact, hapkido, jeet kuno do, jiu-jitsu, kendo, krav maga and kung fu are only part of the options you have at this school located near Plaza Molina. They also have a blog where they give tips to improve your martial arts practice.

Where: Alfonso XII, 92.

Zen Tao

Photo via Pixabay.

Photo via Pixabay.

Zen Tao teaches different martial arts styles. This club is a member of Catalan Sports Council and because it offers Kick Boxing classes, it is part of the Spanish Kickboxing Federation and a part of the Olympic Committee. Another cool detail about this school is the fact that they have a class called “Medieval Weapons”, perfect for those who wish to dominate a sword or any related tool, like sabers or blades. They have classes for kids and adults. Zen Tao’s main objective is to bring out their students’ best skills and personality traits.

 Zen Tao offers two free trial sessions.

Where: Carrer Neptú, 39.

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