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Top Escape Games in Barcelona

Best Escape Games in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Escape Game is the name commonly given for a type of physical adventure game in which the participants are locked inside a room, having to use the elements they find in that room to get out. Also known as Room Escape, this sort of entertainment presents the players with a fictional scenario with a mystery that needs solving.

escape games barcelonaThe first Escape Game was created in the U.S.  in 2006 by a group of programmers in Silicon Valley. Shortly after, other countries started adopting this form of entertainment, like Japan, where Takao Kato invented the Real Escape Game.

If you would like to try this exciting form of entertainment, there are places you can go to during your visit to Barcelona. Here is ShBarcelona’s list of Best Escape Games in Barcelona.


Sixty minutes, two to six people, one exit. That is Enigmik’s escape game proposal for “The Bunker”. This TripAdvisor-recommended activity is perfect for a family, a group of friends, or even coworkers, as a team building exercise.

Enigmik is located at Carrer Rosselló, 508.

Escape Barcelona

Escape Barcelona offers two differing adventures: The Curse of the Pharaoh, an Egyptian mystery; and The Lost Temple, a mystery involving a Mayan tribe.

The adventures are available only in Spanish, for groups of two to five people over the age of sixteen.

Escape Barcelona is located at Paseo Valldura, 158, Local E-F, close to Parc Central de Nous Barris.

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Picadero Motel

Picadero Motel is a horror escape game that offers two levels: brave or chicken. The challenge is to escape from a motel you have been locked in. The teams can have from two to six players who have to be older than 18, due to the scary nature of the game. The adventure can take place in Spanish or English, lasting a total of 90 minutes.

If you would like to try Picadero Motel’s escape game but don’t have anyone to go with, there is no problem. You can join other individual gamers to play.

Picadero Motel is located at Passatge de Nogués, 8.

Chicken Banana

escape games barcelonaChicken Banana offers two different escape games: Mafia and Psiquiatra, two mysteries that are waiting for you to solve them! The ideal group size if 3 to 6 people, but the game can also be played by only two.

Chicken Banana is located at Carrer de Rocafort, 12-20 bajos 3.


Roomin is a company located at Gràcia, offering 60-minute escape games for teams of two to five people.

Roomin is located at Carrer del Robí, 2-4-6.

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