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Barcelona Weather – What’s It Like?

Written by James

One of the main reasons that a large number of people are choosing not only to visit but also live in Barcelona is the weather. In fact, the climate throughout the year is pretty good and there are several reasons why this is the case.

So whether looking for short or long term rentals Barcelona, it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit the weather should be pretty good.

As this city is close to the sea you will find that its climate is strongly influenced by this. Being so close to the sea the cool breezes that blow in off it have helped to make Barcelona a more pleasant place to visit in the summer in comparison to say, Madrid. In fact, you will find that you won’t be faced with extremely hot summers or cold winters when you decide to visit this city on a short or long-term basis.

In fact, compared to some other parts of Spain the summers here tend to be moderately warm, and winters are cool rather than cold.

One of the most striking things about the weather conditions you’ll love when staying in a monthly rental with ShBarcelona is the temperature there. The actual annual average temperature in this city is around 16 degrees Celsius. Whereas in places like say Grenada or even Malaga temperatures can fall to around 12 degrees Celsius.

As for rain, you will find that on average it only gets around 50mm of rainfall every year. However on my last visit to the city in March 2012 I think it probably that average amount fell over the weekend I was there. But this is not generally the case. I actually spend a great deal of time on Spain’s Costa del Sol and generally they have rainfall there that lasts for several months, rather than days.

Although temperatures may not get as high as other parts of Spain you still need to be careful if you are choosing to stay in Barcelona vacation rentals in the summer. It can get very hot, which isn’t so much of a problem to some. What you may find a real problem during the summer months is the humidity. During the summer months, the humidity levels in Barcelona can rise to as much as 70%. However, with the city being so close to the sea this, of course, does help to bring the temperatures down a little.

In most cases, the temperature you will be faced with in the summer in Barcelona tends to be between 29 and 35 degrees Celsius. This is very cool in comparison to cities like Malaga and Madrid where the temperatures go up over 40 degrees Celsius. So it is important when you are spending time exploring the city at this time of the year you take plenty of water with you. This is especially important when you choose to stay in an apartment in Barcelona during the month of August, as this is when it gets really hot in the city.


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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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