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Living in Barcelona

Best internship opportunities in Barcelona

Written by Mladena Coric

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with many things to offer. It has a very diverse and well-organized education system with a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development of both Spanish and foreign students. So if what you are looking for is an internship in Barcelona, you are in luck, since the city has many programs for everyone. Let’s guide you through it.

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A great number of internships last around three to six months, depending on the program and the individual of course. Barcelona covers a variety of topics and themes for internships such as architecture and arts, languages and sciences, and media and communications. Most of these programs use Spanish as the official language and some use Catalan. You should always get informed before choosing an internship as there are some that can be offered in English and some work exclusively with the local languages.

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Some of the most popular internship opportunities come from IAESTE, Eurodyssée, and iAgora. These are available for anyone around the globe. IASTE (Internacional Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is one of the most popular associations among students if they are interested in a technical sciences internship, and Barcelona offers many opportunities within this area of expertise. Eurodyssée gathers students from 18 to 30 years old and their internship programs last around 7 months. Anyone who speaks more than one language is welcome to apply.

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Before deciding to apply for any internship, you have to be aware of the following: you must have a degree in the relevant field, you must speak one more language besides your own and you have to check if the internship programs offer full accommodation or not. Which leads us to another important matter: life in Barcelona and its expenses. If your internship program does not offer accommodation, then we recommend you check out the best offers for students in residences or student halls, since those are usually the cheapest. Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and you have to know that money plays an important role here if you decide to take advantage of one of the many internship opportunities.

There is one thing though which is absolutely positive and sure when it comes to internships in Barcelona: you will never forget your experience. A city like this never sleeps, you can see the most amazing pieces of art, listen to some of the best musicians in the world, or watch some of the greatest dancers performing. You will be amazed by the architecture and culture, and blinded by fashion and style. So don’t hesitate, go online to apply because, in Barcelona, there is always something for everyone.

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