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How to help the refugees

How to help the refugees
Written by Paula

There are times when people have to come together and work as one, for the greater benefit of mankind. This is one of those times.

Millions of people are having to flee their country to escape from the violence and wrath of their fellow men.

If you are tired of watching the suffering on the news and would like to actually do something about it, here are some ways in which you can help the refugees, from Barcelona:

Donate goods

Refugees Aid

Refugees Aid finds people in need, gathers donated goods and delivers them to the refugee camps. If you would like to collaborate with Refugees Aid with your goods donation of clothes, kids and baby items, and other goods like sleeping bags, sanitary items and more, check the Refugees Aid website, where you can find out where to drop your donations in Barcelona

CalAid Barcelona 

On the 16 and 17th of October CalAid will be receiving goods donations in Livingroom, at Calle Martinez de la Rosa, 53.  Friday the 16th the donations will be received from 7pm to 10pm and Saturday the 17th from 12am to 6pm.

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Donate money

Cruz Roja

By donating money to Cruz Roja, you are allowing the refugees to receive health treatments, psychological support, and helping families get back together.

To know more about how to support Cruz Roja’s work, visit the Syrian Refugees page.


UN’s agency for the refugees, ACNUR uses money donations to provide refugees with basic medical attention, anti-malaria nets, camping tents, and large water bottles to transport potable water.

Medicos Sin Fronteras 

You can donate money to Medicos Sin Fronteras (Doctors Without Borders) by becoming a member, by making one single donation, or by buying items from the Medicos Sin Fronteras store.

Other organizations receiving donations include UNICEF, Migrants Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), CEAR, International Rescue Comitee, Save the Children and ACCEM.


If you want to get directly involved and you have the time and determination for it, there are several volunteering opportunities to help the refugees. Visit the following organizations websites to find out what you can do:

International Rescue Committee



Medicos Sin Fronteras 

Sign petitions

syrian refugees barcelonaA lot of organizations and private individuals are creating petitions to defend the refugees’ rights. Here are some of the petitions you can sign to help the refugees: El asilo es de todos Stop the refugees drowning SOS Refugees

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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  • Hello!
    My name is Ted Ljungberg and I am a student in social science from the university of Umeå, Sweden.
    Next term (from January to June) I will perform my Internship and the information on your website about the organisation sounded very interesting. Do you take interns and in case you do, who do I contact?
    Thankfull for an answer
    Best regards
    Ted Ljungberg.

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