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Donate hair in Barcelona

Written by Paula

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” says the famous English proverb. Of course, in this case, we are not talking about trash but something very precious: hair. Everyone is born with hair but some end up losing it much earlier than anticipated, suffering from certain types of illnesses. So the next time you go for a haircut, consider giving someone the hair you are ready to part with.


Pekelucas is a hair bank created by a company that produces wigs for oncology patients called Free Style. The company created Pekelucas with the objective of gathering the material to create free wigs for girls between the age of 5 and 14, who have lost their hair due to burns, alopecia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any other cause.

hair barcelonaEach wig is designed specifically for a child, created by hand and machine, using donated hair.

How can you help? The next time you decide to cut your hair, go to one of the hairdressers or beauty salons working with Pekelucas and tell them you want to donate the hair that will be cut.

You can also cut your hair at home and send it to Pekelucas. The hair should be dry, in a braid or a tight ponytail. You can mail the hair yourself, or take it to Las Melusinas makeup and crafts shop. They will send it to Madrid so you don’t have to spend money mailing it.

You can find Las Melusinas at Carrer del Comerç 5B, at Viladecans.

Mi pelo por ti 

Mi pelo Por ti is a solidarity project that was born when a famous Spanish athlete decided to cut her hair on the day of a race for women back in 2013, a solidarity gesture to support a friend who had started losing her due to her battle with breast cancer. The hair was donated t a company that produces wigs for cancer patients.

To donate hair to Mi pelo por ti, you have to have a braid that is, at least, 20cm long. Place an elastic on the bottom and top of the braid, so that it remains intact when you cut it. You can send the hair to Mi pelo por ti or go to Rivas beauty salon at Carrer de Pau Casals 116, in El Prat de Llobregat.

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Mechones Solidarios 

Mechones Solidarios accepts hair donations in order to produce wigs for people affected by cancer. By creating the wig with donated hair, the cost of the wig drops a staggering 80%, which makes the organization be able to produce and donate a larger amount of wigs.

hair barcelonaTo donate your hair to Mechones Solidarios, you can either send it by mail, cut or deliver it to one of the hair salons that collaborate with the project.

Don’t forget the hair should be cut in a tight braid or ponytail, be at least 20cm long, by dry and clean.

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