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Where to Buy Stamps in Spain and Barcelona

Written by Christine

When you arrive in a new country, there are often many things that you have to get used to. This includes learning how some day-to-day things are done. There are many small details that you might never think about until the opportunity presents itself.

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One of these details that you might not be sure about is where to buy stamps in Barcelona. The good news is that there are several places in Barcelona where you can pick up some stamps if you need to send a letter or card in the mail.

Where to buy stamps in Spain

Post offices

The first place that comes to mind when you want to buy stamps is the post office, or correos as it’s called in Spain. At the correos offices, you can buy basic stamps to send a letter within Spain or international stamps to send mail anywhere around the world.

where to buy stamps in spain

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The post office can also weigh your mail for you if you are sending an envelope that is a bit larger and you aren’t sure if you will need more than one stamp or special postage. 

They can help you to calculate the exact price. You can also buy several kinds of envelopes and boxes for shipping. They offer everything in one convenient location.

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Papelerías are small shops that you can find everywhere around the city. They sell things like stationery, books, writing supplies, and of course, stamps.

different stamps

Photo via Pixabay

These bookstores carry everything you need to write a letter or to send a personal message to someone in a card. You can also purchase stamps at most of these shops, which makes it really easy to assemble your mail and get it ready to send.

Browse through your local papelería and you will be sure to find so much more to buy apart from only stamps.

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Tobacco shops

You can always pop into the local tobacco shop in Spain or kiosk to buy some stamps in addition to tobacco products and other knickknacks.

Some tobacco shops carry just tobacco and smoking paraphernalia, while others carry many other things that you might want for your home.

letters with spanish stamps

Photo via Pixabay

Tobacco shops, also called estancos or tabacs, can be found all over Barcelona, which makes it so much more convenient to buy stamps here then going all the way to the post office.

Whatever your mailing needs, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at one of these three places in the city.

Just visit the post office, papelería, or a tobacco shop to ask for a stamp and you can start sending postcards from Spain.

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