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All About Volkswagen in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

For the last 80 years, Volkswagen has served as an easy-to-build vehicle for every driver in the world. In 2016, 10.3 million cars were sold from their 100 production lines in 27 different countries. Volkswagen brings vehicles to the world while merging engineering with style and offering attractive, safe, and eco-conscious choices that are competitive with global standards. In Spain, it’s no different. In fact, the Volkswagon Group owns the Spanish manufacturer SEAT and VW makes Spain’s list of top five automobile manufacturers in annual car sales.

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Volkswagen Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

Volkswagen BCN is part of Volkswagen Retail Spain SL and carries out commercial activities with products and services of all Volkswagen vehicles. The quality of their services works in conjunction with every new vehicle Volkswagen produces. Certified professionals work more than 1,500 hours every year in tasks ranging from training new mechanics to customer service in mechanical workshops, extensive bodywork, and containment of the largest stock of used, refurbished, and guaranteed vehicles from the Beetle to the Passat to the Polo. You can request a workshop appointment (see below) online or meet to possibly lease one of their vehicles with financing assistance. 

Volkswagen Dealers Barcelona

Volkswagen dealers are located in three places in Barcelona: Barna Wagen, Rambla de Catalunya, and Zona Franca. Respective addresses are Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 101, 08035Rambla de Catalunya, 26, 08007, and Carrer Lletra A, 51, 08040. At these three locations, you can buy or lease new and used Volkswagens of any of their well-known models. This includes their highly popular models, electric, ethanol, and flex-fuel cars. 

Volkswagen Barcelona Workshop

Photo via Pixabay

Volkswagen also promotes deals for owners to bring their vehicles in because they understand that servicing their customers is as important as fixing and upgrading their VWs. The specialists at any VW dealership can help owners using customized special technology in analysis and diagnostic services, body and repair services, and guaranteed warranties on new parts of the vehicle. They offer replacement cars if needed and customers can make an appointment online.  

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As “the people’s car,” Volkswagen has become a global hit since the post-war era, expanding their brand to all sectors with breakthrough vehicles and special services for drivers. The Beetle may be their signature car, but its all of their incredible models together that keep bringing cutting-edge advancements to car owners and keep loyal customers coming back again and again.

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