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Have a Delicious Hot Chocolate in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Chocolate is one of those things we humans like most and the food industry, being perfectly aware of this, has created millions of products, that has chocolate as one of its key ingredients. Think cakes, pastries, cereals and cookies or dishes that contain chocolate or pure cocoa, or even chocolate pizzas. We love anything that contains this precious ingredient, but if there is one thing that makes chocolate lovers go crazy, and more so in winter, it is a hot chocolate with whipped cream, the delicious suizo as we call it. Today, this article of ShBarcelona will tell you all about where you can have a good cup of hot chocolate in Barcelona.

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Hot chocolate; a comforting delight in winter

Photo via Pixabay

In winter we like warm things to recompose the body after exposing it to cold and humidity. In addition, sweet things always uplift the mood and they help the brain get active again after a stressful and mentally demanding day. On the other hand, cocoa gives us that extra dose of energy, that helps us face the rest of the day with a more positive outlook. Suizo is a nice cup of hot chocolate, usually with milk, and it has soft, whipped cream on top. The usual thing is to dip a bun, croissant, cookie or churros in it. We imagine that most of you have tried it once, but otherwise we strongly encourage you to do so, except of course if you can not consume this type of product for medical reasons. To enjoy the best hot chocolate, it is important that the ingredients are of excellent quality. For example, you need a good quality chocolate, with a higher percentage of cocoa, mixed with milk and with a whipped cream on top. It is excellent with a good roll, an ensaimada (a sweet pastry), a croissant or some churros, although a good bread can also be an excellent accompaniment. If you have gotten the urge to run away from your desk now to go get a hot chocolate, here we have some of our favorite addresses you can check out.

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Photo via Pixabay

First of all, we suggest one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona, where you can have excellent hot chocolate: Granja Viader. This shop has excellent pastry products and some spectacular chocolates. Don’t overdo it, just enjoy a few things to taste the deliciousness! Another ideal place for a sweet tooth is Caelum, located in the Gothic neighborhood that, like Granja Viader, has some kind of special magic. Snacking there in the afternoon, after doing a lot of shopping, is the culmination of a perfect day. Finally, we find one last place for all chocolate lovers in Barcelona: La Pallaresa. Here you can get some excellent churros and a cup of hot chocolate to go with it, it is absolutely delicious. Sometimes gaining a little weight is well worth it, to experience a little more (chocolate) happiness. Just remember that doing your favorite sports aftwerwards also provide a lot of happiness.

Where do you go for your favorite cup of hot chocolate? Do you like it with or without whipped cream?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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