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Oriol Balaguer, Master of Chocolate

Written by Laurat

Barcelona is known for many things. Beaches, fun, football, student life, great weather, vibrancy and even romance. Now when you think of fine chocolates, what comes to mind? Dark, strong, sweet, romantic, seduction, Switzerland, France, Italy and the list continues. Was Barcelona on the list? I bet Barcelona didn’t come to mind, but it should. So far Barcelona hasn’t made the best chocolate city list, but don’t let that fool you. As the city continues to grow, there will definitely be an unveiling of talent. Let ShBarcelona tell you all about the master of chocolate today!

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Oriol Balaguer and chocolate

Photo via Visualhunt

Notwithstanding, with the right positioning and recognition of the regions confectionery and chocolate making history, Barcelona’s fame as a city of excellent chocolate could be changing sooner than anticipated. If you’re a chocolate lover or critic, you may want to check out a hidden chocolate jewel of Barcelona. What is that hidden jewel? Oriol Balaguer. And who is he?  Read on. Oriol Balaguer is a Catalonia native confectioner known all over the world as the “chocolate man.” If you’ve ever been by one of his exhibits or dessert displays or simply passed it by, you would know that Barcelona is also an up and coming city of exquisite chocolate, and he’s one of the forerunners in making that happen.

At Oriol Balaguer exhibits, chocolates and pastries are showcased like crown jewels that only refined chocolate eaters can eat. That means, no gobbling it down, or eating it in a rush. You have to eat it as if you’re wearing your best formal evening attire that you shouldn’t get dirty. Oriol Balaguer chocolates create the notion that chocolate are a high-class commodity, and the history of chocolate and confectionary in Barcelona becomes an alive and interesting facet of its use.

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Photo via Visualhunt

The man behind it all is a Tarragona native that has become a world renowned confectioner and chef. His rendez vouz with chocolate started at a young age, and from his family’s involvement in confectionary. He’s received quite a few rewards, and in 2001, his chocolate paradigm cake was voted as the best in the world. With locations throughout the city in places such as El Born, Travessera de les Corts and Benet i Mateau, you have quite a few locations to choose from to get your sneak peek. Most impressive, he has distribution channels in Saudi Arabia, Austria, China, Italy, Japan and the United States, to name a few. So if you’re an international traveler, you have an opportunity to drop by and get a taste of chocolate with origins of Barcelona on the buzzing streets of Hong Kong.

Have you ever had chocolate from Oriol Balaguer? Is it your favorite now?

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