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The Adventure of a Lifetime: Barcelona 2015

People can never get enough of life and if you are one of those people you have arrived in Paradise. Barcelona offer countless means of entertainment. From radical styles of architecture to lustrous sites for beautiful scenery, this magical costal city will grant you a trip of a lifetime. This city withholds some of the most beautiful sights that anyone should encounter at least once in their life. The combination of architecture, nature, and crafted arts truly make this destination a must do on any bucket list.

Here in Barcelona, architecture has been able to properly merge with nature. Multiple renowned architects such as the Parc Guellamazing Gaudí, have made sure to not leave the beautiful flora found in Barcelona forgotten. Some of his work, like the astronomical Sagrada Familia, are mostly centered around the metropolitan side of the city. However, Parc Güell, which is located more toward the foot of the hills, presents a harmonious balance between anthropogenic development and the preservation of a beautiful natural landmark.

If architecture in particular is not what floats your boat, Barcelona still has about a million other options to choose from. Personally, a huge area of interest is the art scene. With more than 50 art related activities to choose from, a day here in Barcelona will inexpensively fly by. Art from the notorious artist extraordinaire Picasso, can be viewed at his previously owned studio. The best thing about this activity is the fact that any spectator or art fanatic will be able to enjoy a unique presentation any time of the year.

Spanish Influence

Although these sort of activities may fancy some eyes, art and architecture can prove to get rather old for some folks. If you are someone that needs a little more stimulus in your life, Barcelona also offers a wide range of music with genres to please even the most critical ears. Though the music scene ranges for electro to hip hop, Barcelona also offers phenomenal opportunities to admire some Spanish culture.

flamencoFlamenco shows are a huge part of Spanish folklore, as well as must see if you get the opportunity. These shows offer a unique ambience that can never be replaced by anything else. It is almost guaranteed that this experience will prove to many to be almost life changing. This particular aspect of the Spanish culture offers a romantic and sensual environment for anyone that is willing to partake in the experience. The heartfelt voice of the singer in company of the perfectly developed acoustic background will send chills right down your spine. Let’s also not forget the inconceivable talent that is expressed by the dancers as they portray scenes of ever lasting Spanish history with a snap of the wrist and a strike of the heel.

From architecture to nature and from Spanish folklore to priceless art exhibitions, Barcelona grants anyone the opportunity to be a part of something unique. It is best recommended to plan ahead of time some activities that you might want to experience. However, if you simply stroll down the street you might find yourself becoming part of history.

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