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Barcelona schedule TV

Written by James

Barcelona has one of the most storied and renowned footballer teams in the world with FC Barcelona founded in 1899 by Swiss, English and Catalan founders. Living in a long term rental apartment in Barcelona allows you the perks of being close to some of the best football action on the planet. The Barcelona scheduled TV appearances can sometimes be a pain to understand and follow. This article will give some information on the club and its scheduled TV appearances.

More Than a Club

fcbarcelonaWhen it was founded, the football club’s motto was ‘more than a club’ because it was a representation of Catalan culture as well as great sports teams. Especially since its supporters own the club unlike almost all other football clubs. As the third most valuable sports franchise on the planet with the second highest grossing revenues it is a force to be reckoned with in any sports arena. It is one of the most successful clubs in football and has amazing rivalries with other clubs especially with Madrid. By enduring through its early development, a dark trip through the repression of Catalan culture during the Spanish Civil War and subsequent dictatorship it is amazing that a club could still be a major contender in every decade throughout its over 100 year history.

Watching Football on TV

Depending on where you live there are different options for watching your favourite FC Barcelona players live on TV. In Barcelona, your best bet for finding out which channels to watch is to first find a club calendar to ensure the days that the team plays, which league games it is playing and where. Its official calendar is a great place to start, which lists all its league play and dates here. If you live in Barcelona than your choice is generally pretty easy as Televisio de Catalunya has the official rights for the FC for the UEFA Super Cup and the Champions League, its sports page is listed here. However, TVE, Television Espanola is the nationally owned state television that has rights for sports game of the Copa del Rey and Friendly league play.


fcbarcelonaIf you are planning to watch the football club of Barcelona from anywhere in the world is best to do so on a big screen at a bar close to you. Otherwise you can visit the website live soccer TV that has listings for all soccer games for every country and which television networks carry which games in which country. As Barcelona is one of the premier football teams in the world their games are televised in most nations around the world enabling visitors and local fans to view their favorite players at any time and anywhere.

FC Barcelona scheduled TV listings are available from any of the national networks in Spain, the local Catalonia television network and their dates of play are available from their official website. Yet if you are visiting Barcelona why not leave your vacation rental and travel down to the stadium to catch a live game and enjoy all there is to offer from one of the best sporting events in the world.

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