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Districts of Barcelona

Explore La Ribera – Barcelona’s Artisan Neighborhood

Written by James

Whether you are visiting Barcelona on vacation or you live here full-time, there are tons of neighborhoods to explore and always new people to meet. On Thursday, March 26th, Meetup Catalonia is organizing a guided journey through La Ribera with information about Barcelona’s artisans and the rich history of the area as well. This is the perfect chance to explore the streets of Barcelona, meet new friends, and try delicious tapas and drinks.

La Ribera, “the shore”

La Ribera, Catalan for “the shore”, is a neighborhood situated in the old city of Barcelona. It was named after the shore because it used to be situated right upon the ocean’s edge during the 13th century all the way until the 15th century. During this time, it was an area filled with artisans of all trades. In fact, many of the streets names represent the craftsmen of the past. For example, Calle Argenters is named for the silversmiths, Calle Sombrerers is named for the people who made hats, and many more. Today, there are new shops and artisan craftsmakers that have set up in this neighborhood or “bario”, continuing the tradition of art and culture.

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Photo by via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

One of the most iconic and must-see buildings situated in La Ribera is the church of Santa Maria del Mar. This looming church, probably the best example of Catalan Gothic architectural style, was built in the 13th century. From the outside, it looks dark and overwhelming, but once inside the church, it feels spacious and there is an abundance of light. Other important sites in the area include the Picasso Museum and the Barbier-Mueller Pre-Columbian Art Museum. Make sure to stop back by these even if your tour doesn’t go inside! The guide might be busy revealing other, lesser known secrets of the neighborhood.

Even though the neighborhood is filled with interesting sites, the whole layout itself is a site to see and explore. There are tons of tiny criss-crossing streets that meander through the city and lead to unexpected shops or bakeries. Sometimes it is more fun to stumble upon an interesting place unplanned than to research it beforehand—this is the perfect neighborhood to do that in.

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 MeetUp Catalonia

Photo by Son of Groucho via / CC BY

MeetUp Catalonia was formed to help anyone and everyone enjoy Catalonia. It was designed to help make the process of meeting people easier by organizing fun events like this tour of La Ribera, and is a great opportunity to practice Spanish, English, French and Catalan. This particular tour will be given in Spanish, but they are very willing to help any English speakers who might need extra explanations or help in English.

La Ribera is a must-see neighborhood and this tour is a fun thing to do while in Barcelona to meet new people and explore the city with new friends!

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