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Indulge yourself in the best chocolate shops in Barcelona

Written by Christine

It’s there for us in the best of times and it’s there for us in the worst of times. It’s the one thing we can always depend on when things are rough. What is it you ask? Chocolate, of course! Luckily Barcelona is filled to the brim with delicious chocolatiers and divine chocolate shops, but here are some of the best of the best to seek out the next time you’re craving a tasty treat.


Photo via Visual Hunt

Photo via Visual Hunt

Located on Carrer de la Princesa, not far from the Museu Picasso, you will find the little chocolate shop Brunells. While you will find many pastry and chocolate shops in Born, this one is the most authentic, serving up traditional Catalan desserts and chocolates. This shop sells assorted pastries and has an area to enjoy tea and coffee, but be sure to check out the selection of hand-crafted chocolates. As soon as you walk in the store you will be hit with the tempting scent of freshly-made bonbons, chocolate bars, and pastries featuring chocolate. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special or a nice souvenir to remember Barcelona, they have many boxed chocolates and cookies available which will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Museu de la Xocolata

Also located in Born is the Museu de la Xocolata, a chocolate lover’s paradise. If you want to learn more about the history of chocolate and about famous Catalan chocolatiers, you can take a tour of the museum for €6 (with a bar of chocolate included!). You will see amazing sculptures, constructed entirely by chocolate, made by Catalan chocolatiers, as well as learn more about how chocolate is made. If you want to skip straight to the good stuff you can enter the store section of the museum and look at the dazzling display of truffles and hand-crafted treats. You will be impressed  by the artistry of some of the confections but also won’t be able to resist looking long enough without the urge to eat them! The Museu de Xocolata also offers workshops to learn how to make your own creations to enjoy, both for adults and for children. Pick up a box of assorted chocolates while you are there to enjoy at home and share (or not) with your family and friends. Be sure to check their website for more information!

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Photo via

Photo via

You can find Dulcinea right in the city center off of La Rambla, near Metro stop Liceu. Since 1941 this chocolate shop has been pleasing customers with their liquid chocolate served with whipped cream on top. As if this wasn’t decadent enough, you’re encouraged to order melindros, a type of cookie that is like a sponge cake, to dip in the chocolate and whipped cream. While churros y chocolate are well-known throughout Spain, this combination of chocolate and pastry is a Dulcinea specialty, so if you are in Barcelona you must try it! While there are other products on the menu featuring chocolate, such as other pastries and Catalan desserts, the chocolate a la taza is what keeps people coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? Head to Dulcinea to get a taste of chocolatey Catalan history!

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