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The Club Natació Barcelona 103rd Copa Nadal

Written by Adriana
Photo by Xavier Trias via Visualhunt

Photo by Xavier Trias via Visualhunt

For over 100 years the Club Natació Barcelona organizes the Copa Nadal, a swimming competition held on December the 25th consisting on swim across 200 meters of open water in Barcelona’s port. Participants must overcome freezing temperatures on Christmas Day, put on a bathing suit, jump into the cold water and swim as fast as possible the distance that separates them from the point of departure (in front of the Columbu’s statue) to the other side of the port following the marked path on the water. This traditional competition, suitable for all ages, has several categories and prizes that you can check out on the club website.

Photo by Xavier Trias via Visualhunt

Photo by Xavier Trias via Visualhunt

The first edition of the Copa Nadal took place on Christmas Day in 1907, which makes this sporting event the oldest in the city and places it in the ranking of one of the oldest in Europe. From then until now this event has been celebrated on the Christmas day every year without interruption, except for the two years of the Spanish Civil War, 1937 and 1938. The most noteworthy peculiarity of this competition is obviously not feeling like to jump into the water at all in the middle of December, but participants make it seem even funny wearing sometimes Christmas costumes. It is a festive competition, what is important is to take part of it, not to win, but there are those who take it seriously and want to reach the goal in a good place. In this sense, Daniel Serra has won the race 8 times, followed by David Royo, seven times, Joaquin Cuadrada, Roberto Queralty and Toni Correl. It is worth mentioning that disabled people can also compete in a special category.

If you are in Barcelona on Christmas Day enjoying one of the rental apartments of ShBarcelona, don’t miss the Copa Nadal at Barceloan’s port, next to Columbus statue. This event is also broadcasted in various local and national TV channels. You will have a good Christmas day for sure!

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