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Going to the gym in Barcelona?

Written by Paula

Are you in Barcelona for business or vacation and feel the need to exercise to keep in shape? Barcelona is a great city for outdoor training, but what are the options for those who prefer to use machines, weights or take exercise classes?

VivagymIn Barcelona you can find a great number of different types of gyms: fully equipped low cost gyms, huge centers with a variety of training rooms, swimming pools and professional sports centers, or exclusive gyms in the best barrios in which you can spend the whole day without feeling bored. There are so many options that it becomes hard choosing which one to go to!

Luckily there is now a free app that can help you make your decision. With GymForLess you can compare prices and choose 1-day or 1-month passes without having to pay for a membership or other additional fees. GymForLess offers a flat rate so you can go to any of their 400 locations in Spain, paying one single monthly fee. The App was developed in Barcelona, where GymForLess was born, having expanded to countries like Mexico, France, Italy and Germany.

If you are vacationing or living in Barcelona, you may have noticed that there are gyms opening their doors in every corner of the city, which is no surprise, since local residents use the gym an average of 9 times per month. It is estimated that 60% of the people go to the gym to do cardio and weight training while 40% choose the swimming pool or directed activities.

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Here are some of the best gyms in Barcelona  for the practice of sports and the improvement of your physical shape, according to the readers of

CEM Putxet Sport

CEM PutxetEnjoy an urban oasis. Close your eyes and imagine a place where there is peace and tranquility, where you can lose track of time, where everything has been designed especially for you. Putxet Sport offers you the possibility of enjoying the benefits of exercising in a natural environment, like the one in Cerro del Putget, an exclusive space where you can feel unique. The center has a swimming pool and directed classes, offering a singular place for the practice of sports.

Club Metropolitan

Metropolitan is the biggest national chain of Sports, Health and Wellbeing centers, with a total of 22 gyms located in the main cities of Spain. Each gym offers the latest cutting edge technology and design. Gyms, fitness rooms, running tracks, directed classes rooms and spectacular Spa-locker rooms are some of the spaces offered by Club Metropolitan in each one of their centers.   

Vivagym Hospitalet

Vivagym Hospitalet was the first one in the Vivagym chain of 15 centers across Spain. The center has more than 2.000 m2, where you can practice all types of training. There are more than 150 directed activities each week, that allow you to practice sports and reach your objectives in a fun way. Vivagym is a club where you will find people with similar interests and where you can participate in special activities that are organized by the gym every week. Vivagym will meet all your expectations while offering a great price and maximum quality.

Eurofitness San Miguel

Eurofitness Sant Miquel is a peaceful and comfortable club located in Eixample Izquierdo in Barcelona, close to the biggest shopping centers and the largest shopping areas. At Eurofitness Sant Miguel you will find modern facilities, a water area where you can enjoy a good swim and reach your objectives, a large fitness area and the best directed activities with the best professionals that will help you with anything you need.

Duet Fit

Duet Fit is a dynamic and modern sports club. A place where you can practice different activities, have fun, and exercise, for the best prices possible. A place with useful and intelligent spaces that offer all the commodities the clients may need. Duet Fit offers a large variety of activities directed by sports professionals, along with a vast area of fitness with the latest generation equipment.

DIR Club

DirThe DIR gym chain is the biggest one in Barcelona, with large, modern centers  that offer the latest in exercise technology. Each gym has its own weight training room, directed classes, nutrition services, massage and physical therapy.

With the GymForLess App you will be able to visit any of the GymForLess centers paying only a daily pass, a monthly pass or a flat rate so you can try as many gyms as you want during that month and choose, for example, your favorite pool to go to after work on Mondays and Wednesdays, the closest gym to your house for a training session Tuesdays and Fridays, and a relaxing SPA day during the weekend at the center of your choice.

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