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Gardening Services in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Although it is rare for homes in the Catalan capital to have gardens large enough to require a gardener, in the zona alta of the city there are neighborhoods full of houses with gardens or plant-filled patios. If you don’t have much of a green thumb but want to have a fantastic green space, you may need the help of a gardener who can keep your garden clean and prevent it from turning into an Amazonian jungle. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we tell those of you who are fortunate enough to enjoy a garden in the city where you can find gardeners to keep your green space healthy, happy and clean.   

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Home gardeners in Barcelona

Photo via VisualHunt

Many people have plants and flowers on display in their gardens, on their terraces or at their businesses and places of work. Owning plants requires maintenance including watering, weeding, replanting and more, all of which can take time and dedication. Some people prefer to allocate resources to a gardener, whether it’s because they don’t have the time or don’t possess the knowledge and skills to maintain their gardens, terraces and patios. There are many gardening companies in Barcelona, as well as individual gardeners that can fix up your garden at a low cost. Here, ShBarcelona recommends some of the businesses that offer experts who will do the work for you.

The first spot we recommend is Esverd. This gardening business in Barcelona offers different services related to gardens and plants – here you can solicit a landscape designer for your garden or terrace, construction services to build or fix your space, as well as maintenance for your garden. On their website, there are also examples of designs that you can view of specific gardens and terraces that will leave you speechless. Another gardening service in the city is Jardines Monés, where you have all the services you’ll need for your garden or terrace – design, construction, and maintenance for gardens and patios, terrace decoration, irrigation and drain installation, tree pruning, firewood sale, installment of turf, pergolas, and vegetable coves, garden furniture sales and pool maintenance.

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Photo via Pixabay

Finally, there is one last enticing option that also offers a variety of services related to gardening in the Ciudad Condal – Jiconsa. Among their services are garden design, construction and maintenance, as well as gardening professionals for special services such as tree pruning for tall trees and installation of irrigation systems. Jincosa offers the best of gardening professionals, and on their website you can view their elaborate and beautiful designs as well as  projects for gardens and terraces. Being able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor area that is well cared for and designed, and in the marvelous climate of Barcelona, is a true delight, so don’t let your lack of time or a green thumb prevent you from enjoying it!

Do you have a garden or terrace? Do you recommend any other gardening services in Barcelona?

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