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Free activities to do in the summer in Barcelona

Written by Maryanne Kamau

Are you looking to enjoy the summer in Barcelona without dropping a ton of money to celebrate the season? Then you’re in luck! There are endless activities you can do during the warmest of seasons that will barely cost you a thing! We at ShBarcelona have rounded up some of the best free activities and events on offer all around the city that won’t dent your wallet.

Free cinema on the Beach

Photo via Pixabay

Locally known as Cinema Lliure a la Platja, this festival offers a free sample of independent films projected on several beaches across the province of Barcelona namely; Playa de Sant Sebastià in Barcelona, Platja de L’Estació in Badalona, Playa del Prat in El Prat Del Llobregat and Playa El Varador in Mataro. This year, the event began on the 29th of June and will continue until the 3rd of August. You can catch a free movie screened at the beach every Thursday and on select Sundays from 9.00 pm.

The movies are screened in their original language but subtitles are offered so that everyone can enjoy the experience. This is indeed a unique way of enjoying movies in the company of others by the seaside and you can even bring along food and drinks to complete the experience. If you plan on attending this event, be sure to get to the beach early to get a good viewing spot since the screen and sound do not cover the entire beach.

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Music in the Parks

Every year in the summer, Barcelona’s green spaces are enlivened by the sweet sounds of music through the Música als Parcs initiative, which is organized by Barcelona’s City Council.

Music in the Parks offers 50 free classical, jazz, blues and choral music concerts around thirty parks in the city, from the 7th of June to the 31st of August 2017. Going to one of the concerts is a great way of enjoying nature in one of the warm nights of the summer. Música als Parcs also offers the public a chance to discover some of the most beautiful parks in the city, like Parc de la Ciutadella and Jardins de la Creu de Pedralbes.

Summer nights at CaixaForum

In the summer, during the months of July and August, CaixaForum Barcelona hosts numerous activities such as exhibitions, concerts, shows, conferences and workshops every Wednesday night. Check out their official website for the program and to discover which events have free admission.

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Local Festivals

Photo by Dimas_ via Visualhunt

Indulge in the local culture this summer in Barcelona by attending the fiestas that take place in different parts of the town. A lot of the neighborhoods in the city organize their own Fiestas Mayores which usually happen over a number of days.

These events offer people a great opportunity to enjoy some of the most authentic Catalan traditions, such as the dancing of the sardana and the bastoners, the formation of castells (human towers), parades with large figures such as the gegants, and fireworks parades with people dressed like little devils, called the correfocs. There are also great meals to be had and a variety of shows to watch.

One of the most popular Fiesta Mayores in the city is the one that takes place in Gràcia, where the neighbors engage in friendly competition by decorating the streets with different themes, creating magical worlds you can walk into at any time of the day. At the end of the Fiesta some streets are awarded for the best decoration.

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*Main photo via Visualhunt

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