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Traditional Castanyada’ panellets recipe

Written by Adriana
Photo by Sunchild57 Photography via Visualhunt

Photo by Sunchild57 Photography via Visualhunt

The Spanish All Saints’ Day, also known as the Day of the Dead in Spain, is coming and is commonly related to various festivities worldwide. Although the shadow of the american culture is elongated and we can go to Halloween parties in almost each city of Spain, in Catalunya the “Castanyada” celebration wins by far thanks to its cultural and culinary roots. During this autumnal festival families remember their deceased relatives, eat roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes called boniatos (you can find them in some typical street stalls or buy them at the supermarket), and eat delicious sweets called panellets. If you want to buy some of this exquisite dessert it will cost a considerable amount of money, so it would be cheaper and funnier to prepare them at home yourself. ShBarcelona proposes you follow the traditional pine nutspanellets recipe, ideal for little ones to get involved in the celebration of the Castanyada. Follow it step by step and enjoy the result!

Table of Contents


(for about 30 panellets):

-250 G of ground almonds

-250 G sugar

-100 G of pine nuts

-Grated lemon peel

-An egg white

-An egg

-Egg yolk to “paint” the panellets



Photo by BeCeeNe via Visualhunt

Photo by BeCeeNe via Visualhunt

Mix in a bowl the ground almonds and the sugar until they are well blended. Add to this mix the egg white and stir it while adding mineral water into this marzipan dough, with a firm but pliable texture. Reserve this dough for a couple of hours until the sugar and the ground almond are properly integrated. After this time, make small balls and prepare the pine nuts soaking them in a beaten egg. Adheres the impregnated pine nuts to the marzipan dough until it is covered on them. Spread the egg yolk on the resulting balls to get a bright color during cooking, and place them in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 6 minutes.

Invite your friends to have a snack and impress them with your culinary arts thanks to this recipe!

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