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Best restaurants for business lunches

Written by Jorgen Sikk

For a Barcelonian, going to restaurants, bars and pubs is an important part of socializing. The same goes for the business culture in the city. Barcelona is well known for its amazing food and a well-chosen restaurant can do wonders for the success of a meeting. Here is our selection of some of the best restaurants for business lunches.


Photo via VisualHunt

Osmosis is a restaurant that serves modern Catalan cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. You can choose your meal a la carte or a tasting menu, letting the daily market catch determine the outcome of it. They also have a special menu for groups and dinner parties, expertly presented and prepared. Osmosis is known for having a very keen eye for detail, telling the customers about the dishes in great detail, describing the techniques and aspects that are put into use when crafting each dish. The ten year anniversary of this place brings back some of the classics that the restaurant goers have learned to love. Iberian ham, well-cooked beef, chocolate cake and more are all part of the Osmosis experience.

Location: Carrer d’Aribau, 100

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La Garriga Charcuteria

This restaurant is a place for gourmands. They are well known for their Iberian ham and other typical Catalan meat products, which they also export and sell on the spot. They choose only the freshest produce from markets and cook them into delicious meals for you to enjoy, together with very good Spanish wines. They serve simple but good meals, due to the great prime material, which is a captivating aspect of La Carriga Charcuteria. Cheese plates and croquettes are the must have appetizers or, ir you prefer something more fulfilling, the masterfully prepared veal tenderloin tartar.

Location: Carrer de Mallorca, 272

MNAC Óleum

Photo via Pexels

Óleum is a classy restaurant in the National Art Museum of Catalonia. You can observe Barcelona while you are eating since the big windows of the restaurant give you a broad view of the skyline and Placa Espanya. It is also a very good place to enjoy red wine with tapas and watch the sun setting behind the mountains. They have a big venue and can house over hundred people, making the business lunches and company gatherings very special. Together with the catering they also offer night time special visits to the museum.

Location: Palau Nacional, Parc De Montjuic 

Mirando al Mar

This seaside Mediterranean restaurant offers excellent food and beautiful views, which you can enjoy while you are waiting for your appetizers. Mirando al Mar is part of the Port of Barcelona so besides serene seaside views you can watch the boats pass by, from big cruisers to small yachts. They are part of the Slow Food movement, which means that their prime materials for cooking are chosen keeping in mind the freshness of the produce and also the ecological footprint of the growing process. All in all, for the restaurant goer, it means more fulfilling meals and exciting tastes.

Location: Maremagnum, C/ Moll d’Espanya, 5 

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Todo Pasa

Photo via Pexels

Todo Pasa is an authentic Argentinian restaurant that tries to give you the best experience, through traditional, rustic cuisine, well-chosen materials and a quaint atmosphere that tries to achieve that country house feeling. Due to being an Argentinian restaurant, you can expect very well made meat and veal. The chefs responsible for cooking the meat pay a lot of attention to detail, so you can be sure you will experience something special. Besides classical meat dishes, they also offer Creole empanadas and handmade pasta. For strong, fulfilling dinners Todo Pasa is a perfect choice.

Location: Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 53

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Jörgen Ivar Sikk is a biology and chemistry teacher by degree but an avid traveler and writer by passion

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