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FC Barcelona: The new sheriff in town

FC Barcelona: The new sheriff in town
Written by Enrique

Millions of people are brought together by sharing the passion for the game. Here in Barcelona soccer is not only a sport but a lifestyle. With millions of spectators on the daily rooting for a team giant, friendly rivalry is practically unavoidable. Hundreds of teams have created their own legacy in the European Union. Through sweat, blood and tears these teams face each other in a Romanesque fashion, though this time maintaining the ultimate title is the prize in mind.


The League

This year the Champion’s League has proven to be the fiercest battle witnessed so far. All the present teams have fought tooth and bone to deliver the some of the best soccer spectacles in the history of the sport. The tradition of watching these games all across Barcelona has brought all of its communities together. Not only locals but visitors from all over the world choose Barcelona as their where to watch destination. This is simply because Barcelona hosts some of the best locations to watch this game.

During theFC Barcelona The new sheriff in town games, restaurant-bars all throughout the city throw their respective colors and jerseys on. As soon as the clock marks a quarter until the show begins, the flat screen at every location is on the game. With eyes glued to the screen waiting to see what the next move from the opposite team may be, watching a game at any location is truly a unique experience.

However, the experience does not stop there. Barcelona has one of the most beautiful stadiums there may be. Camp Nou is the larget stadium in Europe as well as the 4th largest association football stadium in the world. Camp Nou has hosted important title games since the 70’s. In fact, 1972 Camp Nou hosted its first European Winner’s cup. The final match was a true nail bitter. On one side the Rangers and on the other Dynamo Moscow, unfortunately the Rangers took the title that evening with a final score of 3-2.

The Red and Blue Machine


This year has presented a new challenge for the unstoppable and untamable FC Barcelona. With some of the best players of the world on the team, the roster for this soccer machine has truly made a mark on the field. Although the team has kept its undisputable record almost intact, new threats are presenting themselves in familiar colors. This last Wednesday FC Barcelona faced the blue devils of Manchester city in a match that almost proved to be deadly. Though these blue colored adversaries truly kept all spectators on the edge of their seats, FC Barcelona once again fought for the win.

With the crowd roaring in the background and every cut and sprint felt by the stadium, witnessing one of these matches, especially at the stadium proves to be an unforgettable experience.


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