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Barcelona schedule La Liga

Written by James

Any football fan can tell you that one of the best leagues in the world is Spain’s La Liga. Barcelona’s schedule in La Liga is the most important information for any fan to have when looking to watch games on television or to attend home games at the stadium. Some people may even want to schedule their long-term apartment rentals in Barcelona to coincide with the stadium location for easy travel between the two. This article will explore La Liga, FC Barcelona’s place in it, and its schedule.

La Liga

The first division or Primera Division of the Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional (LFP), otherwise known in the English-speaking world as La Liga is the premier football league of Spain. The league itself consists of 20 teams from the national Association with the bottom teams being relegated to a lower division after every season and replaced by the top two teams in that lower division. There are been a total of nine La Liga champions from a total of 59 different teams that have played in the league. FC Barcelona is the second most winning club in the league with 22 wins and Real Madrid has the most titles with a record 32 championships. As one of the strongest professional sports leagues in the world, it is fifth in attendance of all major sports leagues and the third of all football leagues just behind Germany and England. The top teams from La Liga also qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

FC Barcelona

Although Real Madrid holds the most titles in the league it was Barcelona that won the initial league title in 1929. FC Barcelona has continuously been a contender within the league throughout its 80-year history even during times of civil unrest and war. As with any club, it has had its ups and downs which usually coincide with the development of “dream teams”, started by spectacular coaches and spectacular managers. The Barcelona club has also been the runner-up in the league a record 23 times more than any other club. The storied history of this club is not over as the period of 2008 to 2011 was its most successful run in club history, winning two Champions Leagues, three Spanish Leagues, and the Club’s World Cup. In 2009 the club won all six major trophies in the European league which has never been accomplished by any other club ever.


For the best idea of when any of your favorite La Liga clubs and more specifically FC Barcelona are playing and where, check the league calendar of competition page of their website here. It lists all teams on a daily basis of who is playing and where. For an idea of how to watch Barcelona’s schedule in La Liga on television, the best place to visit is this website. It gives the most comprehensive coverage of which teams are playing, when and where and on which television network the game can be viewed.

Take time to learn the schedule of your favorite team in order to use your time more effectively in your flat rental in Barcelona.

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