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Art Galleries in Barcelona

Written by James

Residents and visitors to Barcelona should be well aware of the city’s rich history and long standing relationship with art, and art lovers of all types are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing galleries and places of interest to visit. The following article will examine the most worthwhile places to visit for art in Barcelona, and will touch on how to find apartments for rent in Barcelona.

The Best Galleries

gallery barcelonaBarcelona is famous for its numerous art galleries, and visitors have a number of world-class places to choose from. These galleries exhibit both contemporary art and older pieces, and exhibitions tend to change on a monthly basis. Readers should visit the Time Out article on Barcelona’s galleries and The Guardian’s review of art spaces for a more in depth review of what’s on offer.

Galeria Trauma

Galeria Trauma is located on Petritxol Street near the Liceu, an area renowned for its many cafes and shops selling chocolate. The Galeria Trauma was originally established in 1991, and the gallery exhibits the latest and most cutting edge contemporary art. Work shown in this gallery includes those created by local artists who have a working relationship Galeria Trauma as well as pieces of work by up-and-coming local and foreign artists.


The Cosmo café and gallery is an excellent spot for those interested in checking out new works from rising artists, and the space has a large exhibition area for people to walk around and take in the art on display. Readers should check out Cosmo on Thursday nights, as there is often a new exhibition opening, as well as a very popular bar and café playing good music. Cosmo café and gallery can be found in the Eixample, which begins behind the University of Barcelona. The space itself is located at Carrer Enric Granados.


There is Marlborough galleries in both Barcelona and Madrid, and both establishments showcase work by artists shown in private collections and other public galleries. Marlborough galleries have a long history of working with the best-recognised artists of the past century, and have hosted exhibitions of the work of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and a variety of German Expressionists. Readers interested in checking out this gallery can find it in Valencia.

Esther Arias Galeria de Arte y Taller

Although the majority of people looking for galleries will head straight to the Picasso Museum once they disembark from the Metro Jaume, there is a beautiful and intimate gallery space on the walk. The Esther Arias Galeria de Arte y Taller is housed in an 18th Century building, and it really uses the space and interior of the building to its advantage. The main volume of work found in this gallery belongs to Esther Arias, who uses the space as both a workshop and an exhibition. Visitors will be mesmerised by her colourful abstracts paintings, which adorn the walls. Although Arias uses the space mainly to display her own work, she generally gives a wall to a guest artist to exhibit their work. Esther Arias Galeria de Arte y Taller can be found at Carrer Cotoners.

Staying in Barcelona

Residents and visitors to Barcelona are often spoilt for choice when it comes to picking an agent to help them locate a property, but all readers are advised to choose a reputable company such as ShBarcelona. The company are the leaders in renting out properties for one-month periods, but also have a large range of Barcelona apartments to rent for a day, week, month and year in addition to properties for sale.

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