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A unique art studio

Written by Aléxia Costa

Every artist needs time and space to create. Some do it in the middle of the streets but others need to remove themselves from the world to find their inner art. This concrete cavern of creativity just outside Barcelona was built in 2013 with the sole purpose of stimulating introspective and solitary experiences. The cement studio, with 167 square meters of space, offers its resident a wide range of utilities dedicated only to his professional (and personal) achievements.

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Table of Contents

The design

Photo by Fundació Arranz-Bravo. via Visualhunt

Designed by Architect Jordi Garcés and his partners at Garcés – De Seta – Bonet for Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, the studio is considered a remarkable example of functional architecture, answering the needs of the artist of both private space to create and shared space to exhibit. Plus, the concrete forms of the building make it a work of art in its own way.

The studio has a paved stone walkway that reveals a uniform multi-level sculptural design with a pyramid-type roof that stretches upward into a central skylight in the main room. This main room is designed to be used by the artist without any distractions, it doesn’t even have windows, just paint, easels, and light that enters through a skylight made with wood frames.

A staircase follows along the hill by the side of the studio onto the front of the building, leading down to an open sculpture room and gallery where the artist’s works are exposed with a view to a forest in the lower level.

The ground floor is lined with big glass windows that invite the light in and diplay the nature around ithe gallery’s studio.

The whole building is in monochromatic gray, with the outside’s green and the inside’s colours of the works to contrast with.

Address: Avinguda Josep Tarradellas, 44.

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How it works

Photo by Fundació Arranz-Bravo. via Visualhunt

While his creative process is a private moment, the works live as a shared experience for the curious visitors, prospective collectors and also for the artist’s own delight, all on the lower floor of the studio.

Isolated from the noise of the city, and from the distractions of the world but close to Bravo’s house, the studio is located on the northern face of the Tibidabo mountain, overlooking Barcelona. The artist’s studio was built on a sloping plot as an escape dedicated to the artist Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, a Spanish painter, born in Barcelona in 1941. The artist’s style include contemporary plastic art and the representation of modern day man, his isolation, frustrations, and fears.

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Aléxia Costa

Aléxia Costa is a ghostwriter for both fiction and non-fiction.

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