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Living in Barcelona

Paid Parking in Barcelona

street in Barcelona
Written by Paula

It can be a real challenge to find a place to park your car in Barcelona. There is a shortage of spaces and an abundance of rules that make many people use public transportation instead of their own vehicles. 

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If you do travel by car in Barcelona, whether that is on a regular basis or only occasionally, don’t forget to check out parking options before you enter the city.

Knowing where to go and what parking will cost you, will save you some hassle. Check out the article below for specific information on paid parking in Barcelona

Do you want to have your parking guaranteed when you arrive?

Green and blue zones explained

You may have already noticed green or blue lines painted on the streets in certain parts of the city. The green zones are areas that are reserved for residents, so if you see a great parking spot and wonder why no one took it, it probably means it has a green line on it.

streetside parking

Photo via Pixabay

Blue zones, however, are zones where anyone can park. But don’t start lighting up those firecrackers yet, because the blue zone has a time limit of 4 hours and parking in a blue spot can cost you as much or more than using a public car park.

If you’re planning to come to Barcelona by car and spend the whole day, try to find a place in one of the several garages with special prices in the city.

Stay in Barcelona for a couple of months

Places to park your car

Parking Saba Barcelona

Saba  is a company that offers car parking in various locations around town. You can find a Saba car park, among other locations, in places like:

  • Parking Saba L’Illa Diagonal shopping center (Avinguda Diagonal 545)
  • Passeig de Gràcia (Diagonal, Gran Via with Aragó and Aragó with Rosselló)
  • Arc de Triomf (Pg. Lluís Companys)
  • Plaça Catalunya
  • El Prat de Llobregat Airport
parking lot

Photo via Pixabay

If you are staying for long, you can buy Saba Tempo vouchers that come in 10 unit packs, allowing you to stay for 6h, 8h, 10h or 12h. Another option is the Saba multi-day card allowing you to park for a minimum of 7 consecutive days and a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

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With more than 40 garages offering more than 13.000 parking spaces, B:SM  is the biggest car and motorcycle parking network in Barcelona. You can find B:SM parking, among many other locations, at:

  • Parking Mercat de la Boqueria
  • Estació Barcelona-Nord
  • Mercat Sagrada Família
  • Plaça del Fòrum
  • Rambla Poblenou
  • Wellington – Zoo
car park

Photo via Pixabay

If you need to use public parking a lot, you have the option of buying a prepaid ticket which allows you to save up to 35% in parking. 25 hour tickets cost 57,12€, 50 hour tickets cost 108,69€ and 100 tickets cost 198,83€.

If you need to park for a couple of days in a row, you can choose a 3 day card for 45€ or a 7 day card for 69€.

Monthly rentals via ShBarcelona

Parking Ya!

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, Parking Ya!  may be a good option for you, since it allows you to purchase your own parking spot. Just fill in the city and street, and it will find out availability nearest to the location. 

Where do you go for paid parking in Barcelona?
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