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Living in Barcelona

Pet Hotels in Barcelona

Written by João Moura

There is an answer for the animal lovers who can’t leave their pets alone during travel holidays: the pet hotels. These type of facilities are a good option if you know your four-legged friend suffers from anxiety or just becomes sad when left alone in the house.

These are a few examples of pet hotels around the great city of Barcelona.

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Hotel Dosrosas Canino

Photo by: Doug Pieper via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by Doug Pieper via Visualhunt

The Residencia Canina Dosrosas is a special hotel for dogs in the countryside, with vast parks for them to run around and play all day long. If you want to treat your dog like a king, this is the place to go. The hotel only accepts 20 guests at a time in order to offer the best service possible, so you should book it in advance.

Prices range from 18 (low season) to 25 euros per room, which have heating in winter.

Address: Finca Can Carreras, Dosrius, Barcelona, 08319.

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Hotel Caní El Vilà

Photo by: hectorhannibal via / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by hectorhannibal via Visualhunt

Do you want to check your pet via webcam to make sure it is in good hands? If you leave your dog at Hotel Caní El Vilà you can check on your furry buddy from your iPhone or Android phone.

Prices range from 20 euros a night (mini suite) to 75 euros (two pets in a master suite).

Address: B-124, 35, 08275 Calders, Barcelona.

More information at Hotel Caní El Vilà.

Barcelona is a city that welcomes animals in public places and public transportations, despite some restrictions. There are even a few parks that were designed with dogs and animals in mind.

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João Moura

João has been putting words in order on the internet for a decade. He fell in love with Barcelona on the first visit, in 2010, and he keeps coming back for more.

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