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Tips for a clean and healthy 2016

Tips for a Clean 2016
Written by Olivia

January. The month where everyone starts new resolutions, joins gyms, tries to eat clean, drink less, and be more productive. People often stick to their resolutions for about three weeks, feeling great about themselves during week one, ok during week two, and totally burnt out by week three. Following week three is a scenario we are all too familiar with: raiding the freezer and consuming an entire tub of ice cream, going out with friends, drinking far too much, and a hangover that discourages you from your workout the next day.

Here are some ideas for getting in shape, restaurants for healthy eating, and my personal tips and tricks to having a clean and healthy 2016.

Common Resolution #1:

exercise-86200_640-353x210“THIS YEAR I WILL GET FIT!” Many claim, few commit. I know it’s hard, especially when you have workdays that last from 9 am to 9 pm, but there are ways.

One way is to start walking to work and taking the scenic route. The objective of Urban Gems website, which was created at the Yahoo labs here in Barcelona by Daniele Quercia, is to provide an aesthetically appealing commute based on ratings of photos taken and posted by users.

There is also the gym, which for some seems daunting, and for others, seems like the best possible option when starting this particular resolution. To the students who are on a budget but going to school in the Universitat area: Duet Fit recently opened, and they offer student-affordable prices along with an enormous list of classes to choose from.

If the gym is totally not your thing, and walking is boring, here is a list of ways to get fit for free in the outdoors in Barcelona!

Common Resolution #2:

“I WILL EAT HEALTHY!” This one is tough, because face it, eating out is just so much easier than having to cook for yourself. However, if you are going to spend the money, why not eat out somewhere that supports your healthy choices? Here is a list of 3 of my favorite spots that are not only delicious but also healthy.

Vegetalia: Right in the middle of El Born, affordable prices, awesome portions and so healthy you immediately feel better upon entry. The restaurant is vegetarian, but with their innovative dishes, you won’t even think twice about skipping meat. There are two other locations in Gotico and Raval, but the latest location opened up in Born last summer and it is the perfect place for a healthy lunch or weekend brunch. Pl/ Fossar de les Moreres

Mescladis: GrandeFVThis spot is in an outdoor public space, serving food from their garden. Apart from their strongly voiced concepts and ideas, they have a great daily menu (the best lentil and chicken stew ever).

They too serve absolutely enormous portions and have vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous menus.

They also offer cooking workshops in case you decide you want to stop making pasta with canned tomato sauce for the nights where you decide to eat in. Passatge L´Hort de Velluters 3

The Juice House: “Healthy is the New Tasty” is their slogan. They have incredible fresh-pressed juices from just three euros, complete with all of the wonderful local and exotic fruits alike, and with those awesome unpronounceable seeds that make you feel trendy and healthy after reading them. The food is fresh, incredibly well-priced, and perfect for your new healthy self. It is honestly difficult to recommend just one dish, but as for the drinks, my favorite is the “Veggie All-Stars” smoothie. Carrer del Parlament 12

Related article: Healthy food in Barcelona

Personal Tips:

To save money I always cook my meals the night before and pack a lunch, and then maybe once or twice a week I’ll treat myself and go eat with a friend. I highly recommend the places above, but the city is filled with delicious bites on literally every street.

get-fit-without-gym_leadTo avoid costs of a gym that I might not go to every day, I am training for a 10k race in order to run for a purpose and not just so I can eat as many bravas as I want on the weekends. I also have a bicing card for a little extra cardio and an eco-friendly approach to getting around.

To cut back on alcohol I have started asking friends to go out for tea at night instead of beer or wine. Although it is nice to enjoy a drink every so often, I love grabbing a cup of tea because I can truly engage in conversation without screaming in a bar, feel more relaxed in a tranquil cafe, and end up getting a decent night’s sleep.

Stay strong, fellow resolution-ers, and here’s to a clean and healthy 2016!

About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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