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Music Therapy

Written by Paula

In this day and age there are a growing number of therapies created to treat or aid a variety of symptoms and illnesses. One such therapy is the one that employs music as a way to help patients achieve individual goals, when guided by professional.

music barcelonaMusic has been used for centuries as a way of healing. Some of the Greek gods were said to use music as a way to soothe the mind and cure diseases. Plato, Aristotle, and Ausulus Cornelius Celsus all advocated for music as something that can affect the soul and one health. Even Hippocrates, one of the most important names in the history of medicine, believed in music’s benefits, which he would play for mental patients.

What is known today as Music Therapy, started to emerge after the two World Wars took place, when musicians would go to hospitals and play music for the soldiers who were suffering from emotional and physical trauma from the war.

So how does Music Therapy work?

A qualified therapist will gather with the patient to learn what are the patient’s strengths and needs.  The therapist will lead the patient through a treatment process that may include listening to music, creating music, singing, and dancing or moving to music.

Music Therapy helps the patient to feel his or her abilities strengthening, his/her confidence growing. The patient will also start becoming better at communication, which he/she will be able to do through non-verbal ways.

Music Therapy is not only effective in overall physical rehabilitation, but also provides emotional support for clients and families, allowing them also to express their feelings.

Throughout the years, Music Therapy has proven to be very beneficial when used with patients with a variety of issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, substance abuse problems, acute and chronic pain, brain injuries, learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities. It is recommended for people of any age: children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

If you believe Music Therapy may be beneficial to you or someone you know, contact one of the following centers who practice Music Therapy in Barcelona:

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic 

Artemissabcn Multispai Artistic  is a personal growth school that offers dance therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and creative therapies.

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic is located at Carrer de Regás, 33.

Centre Auca de Desenvolupament Infantil i Atenció Precoç 

Centre Auca is focused on child-oriented therapies that include psychology, speech, and music therapy.

Centre Auca is located at Plaça Urquinaona, 9.

Musicoteràpia BCN music barcelona

Musicoteràpia BCN is a center that offers psychology and music therapy.

Musicoteràpia BCN is located at Carrer Martínez de la Rosa, 15.

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