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All about apartment rentals

Renting out a furnished or unfurnished apartment

Written by Paula

From the moment you have an apartment you wish to rent out, the question arises: should I rent my apartment furnished or unfurnished? While you will obviously save money if you decide not to furnish before renting, you may end up losing money in the long run, since a furnished apartment is much more attractive and should be rented for a higher price.

management of touristic apartments in barcelona

Renting out a furnished apartment

Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Many homeowners overlook this option due to convenience. However, you greatly increase your chances of a short-term rental by furnishing your apartment. The layout of an apartment is the best solution if you choose to rent out your apartment to different roommates with prices per room.

Who to rent out a furnished apartment to?

If you choose the furnished apartment option, your tenant profile is someone interested in staying in the city temporarily, be they a student or a professional. It could also be rented out to tourists, if you are lucky enough to have a tourist license. A furnished apartment is ideal for the tenant because there is no extra cost for settling in and furnishings, and they can move into the apartment on the first day. You should know that for tourist rentals, furnishing your apartment is, however, a requirement.

The type of contract: for this option, you should choose monthly rental contracts or rent it out to tourists if you have a license. For the owner, this alternative is more profitable than a long-term contract.

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Renting out an unfurnished apartment

This option is generally easier for homeowners because the avoids the furnishing costs. This allows the owner to rent their apartment for several months or even years to the same tenant, avoiding the hassle of managing various people moving into and leaving the apartment.

management of montlhy apartments in barcelona

Who to rent out an unfurnished apartment to?

If you go for this option, you favor stable tenants, especially families or couples who wish to stay in the city long-term. This is a good alternative which allows them to personalize the decor and make them feel at home.

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Photo by northways via Visualhunt

Photo by northways via Visualhunt

The type of contract: for an unfurnished apartment, you can use long-term rental, for over 6 months. For the owner, this option represents more stability.

The possibility of removing the furniture

If you want even more rental opportunities, then you can offer your apartment furnished… or not. Renting a furnished apartment is not necessarily better than an unfurnished rental. You should just adapt to different needs and profiles. If you decide to offer both options to tenants, then you double your chances of renting.

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