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Districts of Barcelona

Which Are the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Barcelona?

The average rent price in Barcelona is more expensive than the national average rent per square meters (7,24€) and it will not get any lower. In Sarriá-Sant Gervasi the average rent is about 16,01€ per square meter.

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In Eixample, the most popular district for students, the rent is about 15,89€/m2 and in Les Corts, about 14,31€/m2. Those are the most expensive neighborhoods in Barcelona because they are the most pleasant to live in.

They offer the best choice in terms of entertainment, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, without the drawbacks of intense tourism. Those neighborhoods are also favorite among the locals. Let ShBarcelona tell you all about those lovely barrios.

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The most expensive neighborhoods in Barcelona

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is one of the largest neighborhoods in Barcelona, located in the northwest part of the city. It is indeed the most expensive neighborhood in Barcelona.

Like Gràcia, this barrio was a small village surrounding Barcelona, and now that it is fully part of the city, it has not lost its charm and its small-town feeling when you walk through it.

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Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is the most beautiful, cozy and clean neighborhood in Barcelona: it offers a wide range of shopping centers, lots of green parks to go with your kids or for a run, amazing architecture and quiet streets.

You will appreciate its tranquility and the fact that it is located far away from the most touristic parts of the city. The housing cost right now is averaging 1,500€ for a two-bedroom apartment.

You have many commuting options: metro and bus routes connect the neighborhood to the center.

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Les Corts

Les Corts is the smallest district of Barcelona and the least populated, mostly residential, very well suited to families and young couples.  It is also a privileged upmarket neighborhood for students who take classes in one of the numerous international schools.

Les Corts is home to the very famous Camp Nou and FC BarcelonaIt is considered to be a financial district, which means that it welcomes businesses and therefore offers a large range of expensive hotels and restaurants.

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It is also a great destination for shopping with some large shopping areas, including L’Illa, shopping malls, exclusive boutique and designer stores.

Les Corts is not particularly known for its crazy nightlife and gastronomic scene, which makes it the perfect spot for families and a great place for you to invest in a small property with garden.

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Eixample is one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona for culture and nightlife. This neighborhood was built during a vast suburban extension plan for Barcelona in 1859. 

It has been built in quadras, with only parallel and perpendicular large avenues, to smooth the traffic thanks to the one-way system.


Photo via Pixabay

It offers the best architecture in Barcelona with mesmerizing Art Nouveau and world-famous works, like Gaudi’s fantastic buildings. Why is Eixample one of the most attractive and expensive place to live in?

Because it is the perfect compromise between a residential area and the nightlife bustle. It offers easy access to the city center, to the best markets in the city, and lots of unique restaurants, which serve incredible international gastronomic food. It is the perfect match for students or young couples.

Where do you live in Barcelona? And what do you think of the price of your rental?
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