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Getting Around Barcelona with Cabify App

Written by Walter Cullinan

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable, and reliable way to get around Barcelona without using public transportation, Cabify could be the perfect option for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Cabify and how to get around Barcelona using the app.

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What is Cabify?

Photo by Diari La Veu via VisualHunt

Cabify is a downloadable app which is similar to Uber. It was launched in Spain in 2011 and has shown a very steady growth ever since. Like Uber which caused quite a lot of controversy in Spain and the rest of Europe, Cabify has had its protestors as well but is considered to be more official than the American ride-sharing app. It has established itself in the Spanish-speaking world as the main ‘taxi-app,’ and is now available in the majority of South American countries as well as Spain and Portugal.

Becuase Cabify identifies itself as a “private taxi ” service, it appears more official than Uber. Furthermore, the company tries to collaborate with local governments in order to seek out ways to work efficiently and legally. Their hiring process also seems to be a bit more in-depth than competitors. Unlike other apps, there is a more rigorous hiring process for Cabify drivers. All drivers must be licensed citizens, pay taxes, and use Cabify as their main source of income rather than just a side-job to earn some extra cash. The drivers usually don’t speak unless spoken to, but if you need to have a chat with them, most of them are able to speak English. They are well-presented, professional, and friendly.

Using Cabify

Photo by Diari La Veu via VisualHunt

Cabify is very easy to use. You simply have to download the app which is available on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. After downloading, it’s easy to get a quote on their website. Simply enter the pickup place and the destination. There is no cash payment, so you will need to enter your card details or PayPal information, confirm the details, and check the price and wait time (usually around 10-20 minutes). You will then receive an email confirming your trip with a link to rate your driver.

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Prices and Perks

Although taxis are pretty cheap and very well regulated in Barcelona, Cabify provides an even cheaper option than the taxi service. Unlike Uber, Cabify charges by distance traveled and the quickest route is always chosen, so the price doesn’t change depending on traffic. There is, however, a small nighttime fee just like the city taxis have higher rates at late hours.

Cabify is on another level when it comes to the perks. They offer free wifi in all the taxis (password: cabifymola) which can be really handy when trying to get around the city. They also offer a service for disabled people, going above and beyond your standard taxi service. They often include other extras as well such as air conditioning, music, and free water.

Overall, Cabify, like Uber, is quite controversial in Spain. It is, however, a very handy service which you can easily use to get around Barcelona at the best rates possible.

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Walter Cullinan

Walter is a writer from Ireland, Barcelona is like a second home for him with something new to explore every day.

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