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Where to Rent Bikes in Poblenou

Written by Eric

“How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention…happy days but sad I´m facin´…How could I forget to mention the bicycle…”

– Bicycle song, The Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Are you tired or walking or having to spend money on TMB tickets? Then why not use a bike? Go out and enjoy the sun, the fresh air, burn some of those calories and get in shape!

Barcelona has about 200 kilometers of bicycle path in the city and areas like Poblenou, with its scenic streets filled with tons visual sights, offer numerous bike rental shops.


Pedal Bike Rental

rent bicycle barcelonaC./ Cami Antic de València, local 2

Pedal Bike Rental is composed by a staff that is passionate about the world of cylcing. At this shop, you can choose from an array of bikes of different colors and sizes. They can also help you with tours and routes.

Cuesta Bike Rental

Carrer Avila, 51

If you feel like Carlos Sastre or Alberto Contador (former Spanish Tour de France Winners) when riding a bike,  you may want to pay a visit to Cuesta Bike Rentals. The shop offers racing bikes for those who want distance and speed for the long black asphalt ahead. Jorrit Reitsma, an avid cyclist, is the owner of this shop. He can help you with the custom fitting and personal adjustments to your bike. The shop also offers advice on routes or can connect you with a specialist guide.

Al Punt de Trobada

Carrer Maria Aguilò, 66

One of the oldest bicycle rental shops in Poblenou, Al Punt de Trobada offers specialized advice for bikers of all levels of experience. Enthusiasts, amateurs, it doesn’t really matter, Al Punt de Trobada will happily offer the bicycle to meet your cycling needs!

Advice for those renting a bicycle

rent bicycle barcelonaThough there are plenty of places offering excelent conditions to ride a bicycle in Barcelona, don’t just trust the flatness of the pavement. Riding a bicycle with traffic can bring all sorts of unexpected occurrences and riding next to the beach when a lot of people are walking can prove somewhat difficult. Be sure to respect the signs, respect traffic rules and, if it doesn’t cramp your style too much, use a helmet.

About the author


Eric is an American English teacher with a passion for Barcelona.

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