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Brunch in the City 2019

Written by Matthew

After the success of Piknic Electronik, this year we can enjoy Brunch in the City, one of the most visited festivals in recent years. Brunch In The City has become one of the most unbridled spring festivals on Sundays in Barcelona, but with a new concept that makes it a family festival which you can attend with your children. Keep reading, because ShBarcelona will tell you all about one of its favorite spring festivals in the city.

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Brunch in the City


Photo via Visualhunt

Brunch in the City used to be Brunch Electronik and this is what its organisers call the younger brother of Brunch in the Park. This may not be too helpful if you haven’t heard of either of them, but the latter is a summer daytime festival, which takes place every Sunday afternoon between July and September. The main difference is that Brunch in the city takes place from March until June, acting as a kind of spring warm up to the bigger summer event. Brunch in the City is very popular with the locals. Catalans love their fiestas in all shapes and sizes and if you want to get out there and mingle with them, Brunch is your best bet. There are special activities for children, international DJ’s, a second-hand market and other activities. Good to know, is that there is food for every type of person, from meatlover, to vegans and vegetarians. Is there anything better than combining good music and delicious food?

Petit Brunch

Photo via Pixabay

In addition to earlier events, they have separated the adult from the children’s area, creating a space called Petit Brunch, in which they have added more activities than in the previous years, so that kids do not get bored. There are several types of workshops: masks, badges, tattoos. And for the active kid, there are trampolines and tennis courts to get rid of some energy. In short, Brunch in the City means you can enjoy a Sunday full of different elements with your whole family.

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There are four different locations, depending on the day of your Brunch in the city. You can check the line-up and locations on the official website, but these are some of the artists that will be at Brunch in the City in 2019: Ben UFO, Marvin & Guy, DJ Rosario, Honey Dijon, ISAbella and Dekmantel Soundsystem. Prices may vary on availability, and you may also book a backstage experience if you want to have a peek behind the musical curtains of this event.

Dates for 2019:

  • March, 17 and 31
  • April, 7 and 28
  • May, 12 and 26
  • June, 9 and 16

Who is your favorite artist at Brunch in the city?

About the author


Matthew is an aspiring journalist from the North West of England. He has been living in Barcelona for two years, the city that he is now proud to call home.

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