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My favorite restaurants in Barcelona – Part II

Written by Paula

I love discovering new restaurants! There is something very exciting about tasting a dish for the very first time. If you feel like going out for a meal today but have no idea where, here are some new additions to my favorite restaurants in Barcelona:

Ghandi Veggie 

restaurants barcelonaI discovered this restaurant by accident when I distractedly glanced at a flier on a wall.  Ghandi Veggie is a vegan/Mexican fusion restaurant in which you can have delicious foods like mushroom and cheese enchilada, tofu dog with guacamole, tofu/avocado salad and grilled seitan with fries. The prices are great and the service is absolutely wonderful, with friendly, good-hearted people.

Ghandi Vegie is located at Carrer Llull, 267.

The Dog is Hot 

It may not be the case for all vegetarians, but sometimes I miss having a good old fashioned hot dog. Imagine my surprise when, wandering through the streets of Raval, I stumble upon a vegetarian hot dog paradise by the name of The dog is hot! There were so many vegetarian options, I stood in the middle of the shop for a good couple of minutes, mesmerized. You can choose from a variety of ingredients like guacamole, mushrooms, pickles, fried onions, corn and pineapple sauce to make your veggie dog extra special.

The Dog is Hot is located at Carrer de Joaquin Costa, 47.

NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizza 

NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizza is a chain with pizzerias across Europe. The restaurant offers a delicious selection of pizzas with an excellent thin crust and a variety of tasty fresh ingredients. I chose the to go to this restaurant to taste one particular pizza: Speck. Speck is a kind of ham often used in Italian cuisine. While I’m sure meat lovers will appreciate its taste, I asked to have the pizza vegetarian style. The waiter warned me the price would still remain the same, even without the meat, but I didn’t mind. All I wanted was to taste the combination of mushrooms, parmesan and truffle cream. I ate the entire pizza and left wanting more.

NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizza is located at Carrer de Gombau, 30.

La Boqueria 

restaurants barcelonaLa Boqueria is not technically a restaurant, but an enormous food market in the center of Barcelona. I love the concept of mixing various tastes, which makes La Boqueria a great place for a meal, since you can just roam around and stop every time you see something yummy. Start with something salty, sweeten the meal with a natural fruit smoothie and finish with a tasty dessert, like chocolate truffles, crystallized fruit or even sushi-shaped candy from one of the many candy booths.

La Boqueria is located at Las Ramblas, 91.

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