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Top Ten Restaurants in Barcelona by TripAdvisor

Written by Rachel G

With over eight thousand Barcelona restaurants listed on TripAdvisor, it takes a lot to make it into the top ten.

Offering much more than just delicious food, the top ten places have to have outstanding service, a nice atmosphere, and an unbeatable value when it comes to quality and price.

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From pizza to tapas and everything in between, these are the top 10 restaurants in Barcelona according to TripAdvisor. As Julia Child would say in her characteristic voice: “Bon apétit!”

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10. Pizza Circus

Coming in at number ten on the list is Pizza Circus. Located in the Raval neighborhood just a few steps away from Palau Güell, this pizza place offers some of the best pizza you can find in Barcelona at a very reasonable price.

pizza with ansjovis and olives

Photo via Pixabay

They even offer vegetarian and vegan options too. They’re known for serving big slices of authentic, Italian pizza comparable to the kind you can find on the streets of Rome and their excellent reviews are reason enough to give Pizza Circus a try.

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9. The Box

Known for their delicious hot dogs, The Box is a central and popular restaurant and bar located right in the Gothic Quarter. They offer a selection of house-infused rums, unique cocktails, and their famous hot dogs are said to be like no hot dog you’ve ever tasted before.

The atmosphere is lively and fun with friendly, laid-back bartenders and a casual vibe.

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8. Santa Rita Experience

At number eight on the list, Santa Rita Experience truly is a gastronomic experience like no other. This unique restaurant offers both cooking and dining experiences for guests.

bowl with vegetable on wooden plate

Photo via Pixabay

All experiences take place inside the home of experienced Chef Xabi Bonilla, making for an unforgettable meal. If you choose the dining experience, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the food as it’s being prepared in the open-kitchen within view of the surrounding tables.

In the cooking experience, private groups of four to ten people get to spend a few hours cooking and eating with the chef himself!

7. Blavis

Blavis is a small restaurant with fantastic, internationally-inspired food and a great selection of local wines. Plenty of reviewers say that Blavis is home to the best tapas they’ve ever tried, so it’s definitely worth checking out in Barcelona.

With unique dishes like prawn ceviche and eggplant carpaccio, and leeks with Romesco sauce, Blavis blends Catalan and international favorites to create one-of-a-kind flavors. This really is one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona by TripAdvisor.

top ten restaurants in barcelona - tapas

Photo via PIxabay

6. Bodega Biarritz

Bodega Biarritz specializes in Catalan, Spanish, and Basque cuisine. It offers authentic, gourmet tapas and pintxos and great local wines in a charming, cozy atmosphere.

Guests love the excellent service, reasonable prices, delicious and varied selection of tapas, and local vibe inside.

Like a traditional Basque restaurant, they don’t have a formal menu, so just take a look around, find what you like to add to your plate of pintxos, and pay by pintxo at the end.

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5. Viana

At number five on the list, Viana is an elegant international-Spanish fusion restaurant located just a few steps away from beautiful Plaça Reial in the city center.

friends having a cocktail

Photo via Pixabay

With an extensive cocktail menu, a great variety of tapas and main dishes, and very reasonable prices, it’s no surprise why Viana is so popular. It’s usually packed with people, however, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

4. Spoonik

A Colombian-Spanish restaurant known for the unique culinary experience it offers guests, Spoonik is a one of a kind gem when it comes to fine dining.

You can’t go for just a meal, but an entire experience complete with spectacular food and wine pairings presented with music, lights, and video.

several bowls with tapas and sauce

Photo via Pixabay

The dishes are imaginative and dynamic, blending unique flavors and attention to detail to create a fascinating and memorable meal.

3. Chaka Khan

The number three Barcelona restaurant according to TripAdvisor is Chaka Khan, an African-Asian fusion gastro-bar popular for its flavorful dishes. The atmosphere is classy and relaxed and the service is some of the best you’ll find in the city.

They feature tasting menus, a la carte specialties, and main dishes accompanied by what some call the best cocktails in Barcelona.

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2. Uma

Taking the first runner-up spot on the list is Uma is an international-Spanish fusion restaurant with a great reputation in the city.

The creative menu is put together by Chef Iker and the beautifully presented dishes are guaranteed to be some of the best you’ll try in Barcelona.

10 best places to eat in barcelona - rice dish

Photo via Pixabay

Because of its incredible popularity, it’s recommended to book a table up to three months in advance. If that doesn’t say enough about how great the food it, the TripAdvisor reviews surely will.

1. Abanik Bar

Finally, coming in at first place and considered the very best restaurant in Barcelona according to TripAdvisor is Abanik Bar. Some reviewers even say Abanik is the best restaurant in Spain!

Some call the international-Spanish fusion flavors “unreal” while plenty of guests mention the place as the culinary highlight of their entire trip to Barcelona.

fresh pepper on chic dish

Photo via Pixabay

With amazing service, food, and cocktails, it’s the kind of place you just have to try for yourself to understand the hype.

The next time you’re planning to have lunch or dinner out in Barcelona, why not try one of the top ten restaurants listed on TripAdvisor?

With delicious flavors and the very best service in the business, these ten places are sure to leave you satisfied with your meal.

Is there another restaurant that should be in Barcelona’s top ten according to you?
Share your tips with other food lovers!

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Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Spain since 2014. After two years in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue her passions in writing and photography. She spends her free time enjoying life in beautiful Barcelona and traveling around Europe as much as possible.

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