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The Best Bocadillos in El Gotico

Written by Julie-Anne

For those of you who are accustomed to lunch being a sandwich and a soft drink, the idea of eating a hot meal in the middle of the day can take a little getting used to. So what are the alternatives? I know I’ve had one too many disappointing experiences with Bocadillos (sandwiches). It always starts off sounding great but then the ham sandwich with all be it beautiful ham, is just that, a bread roll with some sliced ham, no butter no mayo, if you’re lucky a little bit of tomato pureé but if you’re like me and crave something a little more substantial, don’t fear here’s a review of two of the best places to get Bocadillos in the El Gotico quarter in Barcelona.

Bó de B– worth the waitBo de B  

You may already know this one, it’s the one you’ve walked past and wondered why there was always a queue (even when it’s closed!), now you’re about to find out why. The best thing about getting a good bocadillo is the price, and in Bó de B, they offer a wide range of fantastic bocadillos that range from around €3.50 – €4.50. From outside, you can see stacks of fresh vegetables and a wide array of salads to complement freshly cooked to order chicken and beef (vegetarian offers are also available). The restaurant boasts of mix of Greek, Indian, European and African flavours and the meats are marinated in a delicate blend of herbs and spices. Prepare to be astounded at the amount of food that can actually fit into one baguette and enjoy one of the heartiest bocadillos in Barcelona.

Or if you don’t fancy the bread, go for the salad plates which are also served in rather large portions. Also if you’re luck enough, don’t forget to get a table try the bravas. Bó de B has been going strong for 6 years and due to its affordable prices, is popular with locals and backpackers alike. So if you’re to prepared to wait, you won’t be disappointed!



Located on a corner in Plaça Sant Jaume, this Catalan eatery have been serving their home made sandwiches since 1951. They offer a huge selection of cold and hot sandwiches on a variety of breads and have even created special grills to ensure that the food is evenly cooked without the need for any added oils or fat. The menu contians some great Catalan ingredients like butifarra negra (black pudding) and botifarra de calçots (sweet onion sausages) with a wide array of some of Spain’s best products also on offer. The restaurant runs like a well oiled machine, while there may be a queue when you get there, don’t worry as it usually moves pretty fast. The menu caters to vegan, vegeatarians and coeliacs with a gluten free bread option available. Here, you can choose from your mid morning bocadillo de tortilla right through to lunch and dinner. This is an old school family run establishment, so you can expect friendly service in a clean well run environment.

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Julie-Anne is an experienced Chef and Entrepreneur in Gastronomy Tourism, Promotion and Development.

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