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Best places for comedy in Barcelona

Written by Karen

Looking for a barrel of laughs during your stay in Barcelona? If you’ve tapas tasted yourself out or perhaps experiencing a Gaudi gazing overload, then a night out at a comedy show in Barcelona is a great option to add to your trip’s itinerary. Although comedy in the city is not another Edinburgh, Glasgow or Melbourne, there’s certainly something to be said for Barcelona’s burgeoning comedy scene with its live comedy stand-up shows, improv sessions as well as comedy workshops for enthusiasts and beginners. So if you’re looking for the best places for comedy in Barcelona, then be sure to check out these options – many of which are in English.

Comedy shows in Barcelona

Comedy showRunning for over ten years now, the Guinness Laughter Lounge comedy club offers stand-up comedy nights on a monthly basis at different venues across the city. The club has seen some great lineups in the past, including Scottish comedians Phil Kay and Geoff Boyz, as well as Irish comic Joe Rooney. These acts give you an idea of the club’s performance flavour: fast and funny observational comedy. Tickets for upcoming shows can be purchased online at the club’s website. Or if you’re in Barcelona in the later part of the year, then you may like to check out the Barcelona International Comedy Festival and its series of multi-lingual comedy performances. Held around November and December each year, past acts have included Irish comedian Dylan Moran. Stay tuned for the 2016 lineup. And finally, if your preferred comedy genre is improv, which is a style of live comedy where the plot, characters and dialogue are made up in the moment, then check out Barcelona Improv Group and its monthly English language shows featuring improv classics.

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Open mic comedy in Barcelona

Improv stand up comedyIf you’re a comedy lover that likes to be part of the show itself, then you should check out some of the comedy workshops and improv jams also run by the Barcelona Improv Group. With an ethos that everyone can express themselves and join in on the fun, the group holds weekly workshops that are open to all – even if you’ve never tried it before. The workshops are at Teatre L’Enjòlit, Portal Nou 30, on Sundays from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. It’s free to attend but voluntary donations are encouraged, which go towards the cost of the workshop and the space. Another option for Spanish speakers or perhaps an alternative way to extend your language learning is the stand-up mic night at Fizz Sala, Carrer Balmes 83, on 13 to 27 April at 9.00pm. The show, which is run in Spanish, features an improv format with different performances and games each week.

Meet other comedy lovers in Barcelona

Another option to be in the know with Barcelona’s comedy scene is to join the Barcelona English Comedy meetup group. The group, which has been running for just over a year, is ideal for fans of English language stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Members regularly meet to watch both professional and amateur comedy shows, write and perform comedy for the first time as well as to catch up with other funny and like-minded people.

About the author


Karen is a writer with a love for music, travel and vermouth on Sundays, who lives and works in Barcelona.


  • Hi Karen! I found your article looking for something else and I loved it! I’ve lived in Barcelona for many years now as an expact and every day are even more shows and activities!

    I don’t know where you wrote this but now there are so many shows! You should look at Atomic Comedy, Hush Hush Comedy Show and Cave Comedy!!


  • There’s a huge English Comedy scene here that is somehow missed in this article.

    Look for “English Comedy in Barcelona” and you’ll find venues like The Comedy Clubhouse, Mint Bar, Imprfcto, Space Cowboy and more all have tons of shows every week.

    • Yeap – This article is pretty outdated now – Most of the shows listed don’t exist anymore. The Comedy Clubhouse has 20+ Shows a week and there are probably another 10 English shows that happen in other places. Check out for details of their shows.

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