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Flamenco: A Taste of Authenticity

Written by Enrique

fla 2Flamenco is a huge part of the Spanish heritage. Here in Barcelona any form of art is embraced and nurtured. Flamenco is one of the oldest folkloric forms of art that has been kept alive. This style of dance is one of the most passionate and heartfelt means of expression. This is such the case that it has been around for a couple hundred years if not more. The vibrant color of the dresses and the finesse behind each choreographed move demonstrates that Flamenco is to be considered more than art. Here in Barcelona the gothic district beholds some of the most artistic senses out of any other district.

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Tradition and Style

Not only is the house of the famous Picasso here, but the Palau Dalmases is also located in this magical location. This famous multicultural venue hosts the best flamenco of the entire city. After personally attending the show on three separate occasions, it is easy to recognize this talent as well as to want to inform other people of where to find it. If FLa1you are looking for a unique experience in a venue that will leave you in awe, this is the place to go. The inside of the venue gives off an antique kind of rustic setting. The stage is located literally in front of the audience, offering everyone a very unique and personal experience.

Unique and Exhilarating

The Dancers definitely feed off the energy of the crowd. This last show the dancers truly moved the crowd and truly recited a jaw dropping performance. There was so much sentiment and character behind the eyes of each of the performers, it was impossible for them to not receive a standing ovation. The show is performed at three different times, which allows for flexibility so choosing the best time for you is possible. To top it all off, admission includes a beverage of your choice. If you decide to purchase the tickets at the office a couple of hours you can pick your seats. However, it is also possible to pay at the door. So put on your coat or powder up your nose and go enjoy a show!

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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