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Where to find the best bread

Written by Christine

As an American, I can honestly say that I have eaten more bread in the past four years living in Spain than the previous twenty three years I lived in the States. Spaniards are serious about their bread, eating it with every meal of the day. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I can’t eat without bread.” There are so many tantalizing bakeries in Barcelona in which to buy bread, but here are some suggestions that will leave your mouth watering.

Forn Baluard

Photo by: Visual Hunt

Photo via Visual Hunt

Forn Baluard is located right in the center of the Barceloneta neighborhood, close to the market and the main plaza. This is a great location in summer to rent an apartment for your summer holidays due to its proximity to the city center and the beach. This bakery bakes up around 40 different recipes of bread a day, in addition to other treats like croissants, bagels, and pastries. If you’re on the run and need a quick lunch or snack you can order a sandwich made on Baluard’s delicious homemade bread. This bread has been talked about as the best in the city so it’s definitely worth a try!

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Crustó prides itself on their homemade artisanal bread and pastries, making sure that the dough is fermented for 18 hours or more to ensure the highest quality bread. You can find this bakery on Carrer de València, not far from Passeig de Grácia (another great place to rent a flat for your holidays in Barcelona!). Crustó isn’t just a bakery, it’s also a relaxing cafe where you can sit down and enjoy something to eat. In addition to baked goods you can also find sandwiches, salads, and soups to accompany your bread and satisfy your hunger. This is a great place to stop in for breakfast or brunch to try something tasty in a chilled-out atmosphere.

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Cloudstreet Bakery

Photo by: Visual Hunt

Photo via Visual Hunt

Next to the Hospital Clínic Metro stop you will find Cloudstreet Bakery, a bakery that uses a wood-burning oven from 1926. Because of this, the bread here has a truly unique taste that you won’t find in any other panadería in Barcelona. This bakery also offers organic products too, so when you buy from Cloudstreet you know you are getting something of very high quality. The bakers take a more traditional approach to baking rather than using the latest methods and technologies. The philosophy here is that we need to go back to our roots, to eat more the way our grandparents did. The bread here is delicious but often sells out quick, so hurry while you can to secure yourself a loaf!

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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