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Best Bakeries in Barcelona

black table with baguette and whole grain bread
Written by Daniella

Nowadays it is much easier to find a good loaf of bread in Barcelona, especially considering the fact that consumers are being more fussy and demanding when it comes to the food they digest.

You might be eating less bread right now because of bad press, claiming bread makes you fat. Another reason you have been buying less bread, is the quality that has left a lot to be desired the last few years…

It does not matter what reason bakers were most sensitive to, but they have been working hard to improve the quality of their products, and now they also offer varieties you have never tasted before. So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you all about the best bakeries in Barcelona.

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Better bread for a better diet

Forn de Pa Fortino

half a bread on table

Photo via Pixabay

Forn de Pa Fortino is a family bakery in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood. They started specializing in bread and dough from flour (other than wheat flour) more than twenty years ago. They are now a healthy eating reference point for bread in Barcelona.

Six bakers (four men and two women) currently work at the bakery’s workshop, and every day you can buy their products at their shop in Travesera de Gracia 126.

Thanks to extensive nutritional training and studying baker’s techniques, the team at Forn de Pa Fortino makes bread according to their own developed recipes, which you will definitely not find anywhere else in Barcelona.

Their long history of making the best bread has resulted in baking not only classic bread, like Catalan peasant bread, but also innovative bread. This type of bread has been developed especially for people who watch their diet and who choose their ingredients carefully.

Forn Europa

This bakery is located at Carrer de Pare Lainez 13, and it is one of the best bakeries in the city of Barcelona. Their many varieties of bread are made with only the best ingredients available on the market.

In case of white bread, their rustic bread, pan de greña, is ideal for pan con tomate, toast or sandwiches. It has a thick, crunchy crust, that helps preserving it for a bit longer. Or what about sourdough bread with a crispy crust? Taking their time to make this bread at Forn Europa, it is a light, soft bread, that is easier to eat.

Other highlights at this bakery are: whole wheat bread, multigrain bread (with oats, flax, sesame and whole wheat flour) and bread with walnut and pistachio.

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Forn de Pa Providència

brioche bread

Photo via Pixabay

Forn de Pa Providència, located at Carrer de Providència 59 next to Plaça Rovira in the Gracia neighbourhood, is a century-old, artisan bakery.

Master craftsman Xavier Corcellas has been in charge of this bakery since 2004. He originally started working in the bakery to help his father. He did this for 12 years, and in that time he became a dedicated baker, fascinated by his profession.

His professional career started at Mr. Campalans large bakery in El Clot. After a certain amount of time, he was transferred to the bakery in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood. It was this place that taught him responsibilities and where he developped professionally.

The bakery specializes in traditional bread, new types of bread and buns, and every bread is made with natural ingredients at their bakery workshop, with the best flour and using longer fermentations. Their philosophy is very clear: They want to offer their customers quality at affordable prices.

Is there another bakery in Barcelona you would recommend?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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