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Cafés El Magnífico: A Family Tradition of Coffee in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Coffee culture is everywhere in Europe, no matter which country you’re in. The Spanish have quite a coffee culture themselves, and going for a café con leche or an espresso is quite common. There are those who regularly frequent cafés and then there are those who like to make their own cup at home. The question then becomes what beans to brew. Here in Barcelona, there’s one place that specializes in selling coffee beans in bulk: Cafés El Magnífico.

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Coffee in bulk since 1919

Photo via Pixabay

That’s right, right here in Barcelona you can buy high-quality coffee in bulk. At Cafés El Magnífico, they specialize in selling their coffee at retail prices for a wholesale stock to supply people with the best coffee for a lengthy period. Nobody should go to a café every single day when they can make their own at home. They are also known for their commitment to preserving how the beans taste when grown by farmers to keep their origins intact. Taste, buy, import, roast, and prepare are their five steps before delivering it to customers. They always seek to improve with the help of coffee experts at their disposal and customer feedback.

A family history

The Velasco family started El Magnífico in La Ribera back in 1919, but the brand did not emerge until 1962. In 1989, the family business got involved in importing coffee and opened up their first shop. Committed to coffee culture, the family established the Forum Cultural del Café in 1996 with five other coffee companies, followed by the Cup of Excellence competition three years later to determine the best original coffee makers annually. The Velasco family maintains its proud tradition of making and selling the finest coffee beans and grounds to everyone that visits the shop.

Types of coffee

Photo via Pixabay

They carry various types of coffee based on origin, blend, caffeine content, and “exceptional” coffee. Their coffee of origin comes from multiple countries, including Colombia, Kenya, Panama, El Salvador, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. A unique blend type mixes two opposing types to give more of a specialized balance than one single blend. Their “exceptional” coffee is the highest quality. It’s organic coffee and the beans they import come from some of the most exclusive farming lands that border Ethiopia and Sudan, also called Arabica.

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Location and hours

You can find Cafés El Magnífico at Calle Argentería, 64, 08003 Barcelona. It’s open from 10:00 – 20:00 Monday through Saturday. Come inside and take a look at all the different varieties of coffee they over. The staff at the café are very proud of their work and promote the best coffee beans to buy in bulk to satisfy your coffee needs at home for a while.

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