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Tips for Young People on How to Find Housing in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

It can be quite stressful to find a property in Barcelona, whether you want to buy or rent. Of course, everyone is looking for the perfect neighbourhood and setting, and besides that, you also want something with great potential.

So how do young people manage to find housing in Barcelona? Are there any tips? If you are interested in this subject, keep reading, because this article by ShBarcelona will tell you everything you need to know to successfully find your ideal property.

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Advice for young people trying to find a place to live in Barcelona

small apartment

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First of all, you should know that there is a large number of housing offices in the Catalan capital (Red de Oficinas de la Vivienda), and this is the place to go to if you need general information or other services. The mission of the housing offices is to have everyone have access to housing, and it comprises the following:

  • Housing pool, rental assistance, and mediation services (for both owners and tenants)
  • Access to Barcelona’s social housing developments
  • Managing certificates of habitability
  • Advice on renovating or refurbishing buildings (energy efficiency, installation of an elevator, etc.)
  • Information and advice on housing-related problems (mortgage debt, harassment, under- and over-occupation)

If you need help or advice, you can visit any Housing Office after scheduling an appointment, but you can also call 010 for information.

It is good to know that there are other options when it comes to information on housing. For example, you can visit Barcelona’s Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation (el Instituto Municipal de la Vivienda y Rehabilitación) or the Secretary of Housing and Urban Improvement (la Secretaría de Vivienda y Mejora Urbana) for information on renovations, buying or renting a home, and social housing.

When young people are searching for a place to live in Barcelona, they can also register at the Registro de Solicitantes de Viviendas con Protección Oficial de Barcelona. The organisation basically has the following targets:

  • Providing information on the actual demand for social housing in Barcelona
  • Ensuring transparency during the whole process
  • Facilitating the process of granting social housing

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Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona City Council is also working on a new housing model that should eventually replace the current one. They have come up with a model called “covivienda”, and this should result in a relief on the stressed housing market and an increase in the availability of public housing. It will help the people who are really in need of it.

Covivienda means that a community of people will get access to an empty house or building through cooperation. This arrangement allows for this group of people to live in the building for quite a long time (50 to 100 years) at a price lower than the regular market price.

During the state of covivienda, both the property owner and the City Council itself will hand over these unused lands to the cooperative, so it can build a house on the land. Cooperation members start by paying a first deposit and will then pay a monthly fee for the use of the property. The members, although they can decide to leave the building, will never be the owners, but the cooperative will be.

This innovative housing model has the following objectives:

  • Guaranteeing access to dignified and affordable housing
  • Maintaining ownership of the land being offered
  • Preventing speculation on housing
  • Ensuring stability for long term users
  • Encouraging community management

Do you have other advice on finding housing in Barcelona?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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