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Yoga Cooking Retreat

Yoga and cooking retreat Barcelona
Written by Dorothy

If you feel your life needs a serious injection of good clean health and wellbeing, then a yoga retreat might just provide that much needed rejuvenation your body and mind is calling out for. Perhaps you need a holiday from all those booze and calorie laden holidays, the ones which leave you with little more than a hangover and stuffed belly at the end. There are plenty of healthy yoga retreats to be found within easy stretching distance of Barcelona. For truly all round health benefits, the perfect answer might be a combined yoga and vegan cooking retreat.

Taking place from April 30th until May 3rd this one of a kind getaway organised by two yoga and cooking enthusiasts, consists partly of hands-on vegan cooking workshops and the other part part yoga and meditation classes. There will also be plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the luxurious accomodation and idylic Catalan country surroundings, the retreat being situated near the town of Banyoles.

Vegan cooking workshops

While preparing delicious, vegan lunches you will learn from your cooking guru, Martina, all about the health benefits given by a balanced diet and how to be creative with seasonal and local ingredients to prepare some simple but tasty dishes. This hands-on involvement will leave you not only with a new repertoire of culinary, and indeed healthy ideas, but also plenty of inspiration to take home.

Yoga cooking retreat


The yoga element of the retreat consists of vinyasa and yin yoga classes,  guided by Yogalinda director, Heather Anderson. Vinyasa yoga involves fluid movement through a series of postures, carefully synchronised with the breath. With Yin yoga, the main distinguishing feature from other forms of yoga is that the postures are held for longer periods of time, resulting in increased concentration and focused mind. This can bring with it some crucial and wonderful benefits, such as reduced stress, improved sleeping, and greater sense of calm. Sounds better than a hangover, if you ask me!


And just to make sure your mind really gets the relaxing holiday it deserves, Heather will also  be providing pranayama breathing and guided meditations over the course of the weekend.

Finally, the treat that puts the proverbial icing on this retreat, you will also enjoy a 60 minute massage scheduled in during your free time. Simply state what time when making your booking and look forward to some precious ‘you time’.

All food, massage and accommodation is included in the price, which varies depending on if you go alone or in a group. See the website for more details about prices, schedule and to book your place.

yoga and cooking retreat yogalinda

About the author


Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.


  • Hola, bunos dias!

    Soy Nana de Eslovenia y quiera tomar un retiro de yoga en Barcelona.
    Tengo las vacaciones a partir de la semana que viene hasta fin de julio (19.-31.7.)
    Hay retiros o clases por estas fechas?

    Espero la respuesta.
    Que tengan un buen dia.

    • Buenos días Nana,

      Gracias por tu mensaje, nosotros somos una agencia de apartamentos de Barcelona. Si quieres buscar un retiro de yoga en Barcelona, por favor, contacta directamente con las empresas mencionadas en el artículo. Gracias.

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